I moved to Mission, Texas and it wasn't at all what I expected. Apparently I moved to the mexican side of Texas. All my neighbors speak spanish and I have no idea what the f*** their saying. Sometimes they even call their childern to translate for them. Just yesterday one fat angry man started yelling at me and all I could understand was that he was upset about a chicken. Then he started saying Mary in spanish (I didn't know names could be translated into different languages) and a little girl came out and said "My dad says your dog killed one of our chickens and that he will call the police if he kills another one". Which got me thinking why the hell do you have chickens if you don't have a ranch?! How is it my fault my dog killed your chicken if you're not to suppose have it in the first place. Dumbass. These Mexicans are f***ing stupid. They have chickens, pigs, and once I saw a horse when they don't have the land. It's f***ing surprising that some of theses animals actually look clean. Which is weird because Mexican always look dirty. I wish I never moved. I just wanted to live in an all white area. Should have done my research.