Okay folks, hopefully me, my girl and two friends of ours can hang out and go find and check out abandoned buildings. we are gonna get video this time i hope with pictures. we'll head out to the place we checked out last night and get a little more in depth exploring on it. as i have mentioned on the blog, we'll try to get addresses and history on the places we check out. since we are going out in the country more than in city, history is gonna be a lot harder to get and find. we'll get pictures up on the blog and probably a youtube channel started soon we hope and a facebook page after that. twitter and other sites will come later probably around summer time depending on how things go in our four lives and vehicle situations. since i have a school computer i can't get on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. but ill get the video on a flash drive and get it uploaded to YouTube when we can. i will actually take suggestions for a channel name, if none than itll be finding abandoned places. if you live in colorado near or in the following towns, you can come join us, platteville, gilcrest, la salle. those are the closest towns that we can reach or have people meet up with for the moment, more towns will come soon.

oh and i'd like to thank two special people who have expired me to make a website/blog, Emma Bucket and the president of TeenTalks, Kitty. if Kitty didn't reach out to Emma i probably won't have made a website. thank both of you.