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So I'm flying tomorrow for a vacation and I've checked the weather to see what clothes to pack. b**** is, my country is REALLY hot during the summer, day & night, and the vacation is a little up north, enough to be a few degrees cooler, so people don't dress as revealing and minimal as where I live, so I have to pick the clothes wisely.
But f*** I didn't plan to pack for half-winter!! What's with you Europeans and your freezing nights and summer rains?!

If your a fat a** and you refuse to get 2 seats don't act like a f***ing victim when I go off on you for spilling into half my seat. A seat I PAID FOR. I PAY FOR ONE A
FULL SEAT. NOT HALF A SEAT... I'm surw you paid for one seat one one and a half. So why shouldn't I get pissed when you get into space cause you can't fit into yours? If you need the extra space just f***ing pay for it. I can fit into one seat and don't require extra space, therefore I shouldn't pay for two, bu... read more

Donald Trumps biggest wish!!

Massive earthquake california in the ocean OMG aaarrrrrrrrggggggggggg

Arrrggggg a f***ing roach

Heres my rant
I'm from long island, and***ing.places. whether its florida, new jersey, Pennsylvania, or upstate. Now being raised in a family where my mother and father are both pretty much straight off the boat, they don't really exactly know where and how to drive to these places and they are not huge technology people***NEWS FLASH SOME PEOPLE DONT OWN IPHONES***, because for them, and which i agree on, they usually fly. But we ... read more

Canada celebrates its 150th Birthday today!!

Happy Birthday, from the rest of the world.

I am so happy and nervous, I thought that I will be traveling to Barcelona, but lately I heard that I will be seeing a wonderful place in Spain, yaaay! I love places that has wonderful views, and if I found a University for studying Fashion Industry, and I loved that place, I will think of it and put it as a plan on my list, and it will take me 1 hour by plane to reach Barcelona!! Love it! Sometimes you put your hopes up to the wrong things in life, then you end up with somet... read more

I miss my home " (

dear canadians... look hons, you're bigger bigots than we are in the states.
we have more diversity, we have better OTC beer and our chicks can fit into a size 0.
also, don't staple your freaking flag up, even in your cities that's an ordinance violation, morons.
also, your health care is in the dumpster also.
plus, if you hate us 'americans' so much, then don't come down here.
by the way cheese fries aren't poutine so calm the hell down already.

also, you're northern americ... read more

Damn I thought my town was bad at least it's not the dept of motor vehicleville

What is a good state to move to that isn't expensive? I wanna move from the dmv area.

I had a homo hit and me today thrice the first to times I let it go the third time I broke his nose )

I had parked in a supermarket car park today when a women who revesed into the space behind me got out and asked me to move because she needed open her boot.
Couldn't be bothered to argue with her so pulled forward, as soon as she had finished pulled back into the space.

No need to point that out, as if it means anything.

Why he keeps reposting things instead of finding his own voice.

Watch out for these bastards-

TSA employee caught stealing cash from woman's luggage at security checkpoint

Published June 26, 2017
Fox News

yellow Sasquatch peeing in the snow

I need a vacation. Somewhere cold.

I also have no dick.