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imma get me some new 👌 girls n***a 😹😹 sh** just got real 👅🙈 I'm outta here y'all 👀🏃✌

Aokigahara Forest in Japan has been regarded as "the Mecca for suicides"...not to be confused with " the "Mecca for suicide bombers," which is Mecca.

I think I need to carry gun if someone get the uppity on me inside a shopping mall.

No more f***ing transportation for youuuu
No more f***ing transportation for youuuu
No more f***ing transportation for youuuu
No more f***ing transportation for youuuu
No more f***ing transportation for youuuu
No more f***ing transportation for youuuu
No more f***ing transportation for youuuu
No more f***ing transportation for youuuu

We had random group activities today. Of course this was horrible. We had a person who threw tantrums and she's 14. I am labeled as I smart kid and am paired up with the crazy kids. I have been in a situation like this at a different school and it was resolved after a talk with teacher. That was so much better because it Kent I only had one emotional breakdown. Now after multiple occurrences with this person I have told many teachers but still they just say "You don't pick yo... read more

I moved to Mission, Texas and it wasn't at all what I expected. Apparently I moved to the mexican side of Texas. All my neighbors speak spanish and I have no idea what the f*** their saying. Sometimes they even call their childern to translate for them. Just yesterday one fat angry man started yelling at me and all I could understand was that he was upset about a chicken. Then he started saying Mary in spanish (I didn't know names could be translated into different languages)... read more

Now I know when they were mistyped a lot... Probably they were on the car.

I wish I could travel all over the world, get away from family and friends, be alone for once and figure things out.

I need to buy a car. Is it worth finding a cheap used car that needs a tiny bit of tune up or actually suckering in for a brand new car and pay higher monthly bills to avoid a car breaking down again? Are the buy here, pay here places rip offs? What about craigslist? I don't even know where to start.

Friggin traffic jam.....

What's the benefit of being Swedish?
Well, the flag's a plus.

Please. Could it please be warm out

I just cried so much while in my car that I had to count each of the digital pixels on the numbers of my mileage just to calm down...which btw were a lot lol.

Pro-tip: count dots or lines if you have anything digital in your car if you feel like you're too emotional for the road. It's oddly therapeutic.

I want to go to Canada and see if I can survive there.

Processing your feelings with Disney movies. Like an adult.

#Wyomingite #Moanna #ThisCouldBeAGrandAdventure

Google is letting people use its driverless car service for any ride, at any time.

The search firm's sister company Waymo has created a free "early rider" program in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hundreds of families are expected to take part. Waymo has equipped a fleet of 500 minivans
with its self-driving technology to handle ride requests.

The company said testers could ride any time across a test zone in
Phoenix twice the size of San Francisco.

The test is the first, large-scale ... read more

rick james voice: GHETTO LIFE!!!!

The Best Time to Visit Anywhere in the World

The best places to visit on any given week, based on weather

UPDATE: By popular demand I have built a Celsius version.

http //decisiondata org/the-best-time-to-visit-anywhere/

Ladies- what is your favorite type of swimsuit?

Mexico has 2,020 homicides in March for the first time since the summer of 2011,

and had more killings in the first quarter of 2017 than in the start of any year in at least two decades !!!

Can we really blame these people for wanting to get the F-CK outta there ????