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Who here is from South Africa?

The most famous person in human history will be the first person born in space.

Can i fly a drone over the bermuda triangle?

The Black Mambas: All Female Anti-Poaching Unit Protecting Rhinos In South Africa!

4am in New York, almost time to go to bed sighs.

If UFOs turn out to not be real, I am going to be legit disappointed. I will totally write my congressman and have the hissy fit of a century.

my building superintendent likes to harass me-too bad I am desperate and cannot afford anything else-beggars have no choice-I lived around here long before this place was built but I am out priced on rents I wonder where to go

We are going on a family vacation together.
My mother is paying for our flight, where we are staying and most meals.
Sometimes I have stupid fights with my older sibling.
I was told to to tell HIM "whatever" and walk away whenever he bothers me.
Or HE (my other half) is walking to the airport.
And he "will be done with the vacation."
Is it too much to ask he defend me during this time...? Or at least stand up for me like I have to both our families who say he... read more

In New Orleans, for a few hundred dollars, you and your friends can rent a brass brand and have your very own police escorted personal parade.

Riding the bus has a certain appeal and it's great not driving and being irritated by a**h***

Any one going to Tokyo? Volks is offering multiple all-you-can-drink plans at their Tokyo-based restaurant. The casual eatery is probably best known for their affordable steak and meat dishes. For 100-yen (88 cents USD), you will get a 10 minute window to drink as much as your heart desires. You can add an additional 10 minutes for another 100-yen. The catch is, the beer clock begins the second you order and you can't have another drink until you finish the first. ( Challenge... read more

Iceland is the only country that went after its crooked bankers for crashing the economy. Too bad they have mega volcanos and too much snow and eat gross fish...

У меня сначала первый опыт был с ними негативный ( сначала нетак цену согласовали,потом задержали отгрузку), думал больше никогда не свяжусь с компанией «Роскомлектстрой», но потом сами позвонили предложили выгодную поставку. Видно сразу же что люди учли негати... read more

KAYAK‎, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Travelocity, Trivago, Hotwire, Orbitz. All of these different travel sites - who has used them and are there differences between them?

Why are people so adverse to sex and nudity in America?

Why do people in America mutilate their baby boys?

Why do people in America listen to the same repetitive music over and over?

Why do people in America vote against their class interests?

Dumb barbarians.

Uncut dick is the reason i have a mouth

Yes I'm not over it. I'm still pissed about that girl, ruining what should have been the trip of a lifetime. She was a horrid, awful person and I didn't see how much so until we were already out of the country. I paid 5000 for this trip only to listen to a vindictive gossip to complain about EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. She called the local children "urchins" and looked down on the local people in general, but of course she says sh** like "Oh I'm not racist, I have a black friend!... read more

I just really need to get this off my chest, My husband and I found out I was pregnant and I got to be 12 weeks. During our 11 week mark, we got into a wreck. A drunk driver hit us. We thought everything was going to be okay with the baby (the doctor said so). No reason not to trust them. Anyways, I miscarried. It has been REALLY hard. Especially seeing my husband cry late at night. But the hardest part, my family and I got into a fight that was completely irrelevant. My cous... read more

I just have to get this off my chest. Its been bugging me for quite awhile.

I Like Trains.

(Coded Rap for January)

Not gonna give it away
so here's where I'll stay
since I know ya troll
but ya can't weed through the fray

If ya'd only listen to
his advice for you
then ya wouldn't be left
sitting wit only a shoe

Ur temper's the key
gives the advantage to me
Ur ego makes it so easy
to make ya look so cheesy

If ya'd just give a notice
ya'd get some time to chat it
but ya want it on ur terms
and end up listenin' to static

Now the weekend's here
ya thought ya'd igno... read more