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God please help this dude be able to get some gas money for his car. Well the guy wasnt asking for money so i know he wouldnt spend the few bucks I had given him on booze. He was asking if i could pay for some gas but i only had 2 bucks :/ im sorry i didnt have more. :/

Ugh its soo boring. If my mom wasnt so overprotective Id take a jog to the corner store, walk my arse over a hill to the nearby park, eat my buyings, and then trail the streets for stray animals.

There's a cat in the parking lot of this old mall who looks like it has a broken paw. I wish I could go over and make a make shift cast for it, but I don't know how. :/ Maybe I should at least buy it some cat food.

$ 275.00 to heat my house for 1 month. Nicor Gas is gonna be rolling in profits this season.
And then they have the nerve to ask if you want to pay extra to help pay someone else's gas bill.

I am so f***in tired of this sh** a** Chicago winter.
17 straight days with day time temp no higher than 15.
Every night , -3 to -15 , global warming is no concern around here.
Lake Michigan is completely frozen over.
I feel bad for all the outdoor animals.

I can't drive. I suck at it. I'm a bad driver. I mean, I can control a damn car, but I always get flustered at last minute situations. I'm not confident at driving and I know I just got my license last August, but I want to be good at something. At least it could be driving that I'm good at...but no. I'm not. I push the stupid gas instead of the brake sometimes. I got the windshield wiper stuck on today. I had the car in accessory and tried to drive without the ignition on. C... read more

I don't understand why my parents complain when I ask for rides but they both still refuse to teach me how to drive. I've had my permit for 7 months and no one has offered to teach me. It's a shame that I have to watch videos of people driving so I can prepare myself for my upcoming road test. I don't know how to start a car or anything.

The weather conditions across the country are so bad that ebay sent a general statement to its customers saying to expect shipment delays for dates promised .
Chicago is having a record setting winter , other parts of the country must be as well.

Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM exactly , all of these air raid sirens sound in the suburbs of Chicago .
I expecting to see Heston being chased down the road by a group of hairy assed apes before the big on hits.

That was nice of him. he let me cut in, especially during rush hour :) Thank you whoever you are! may God bless you, today!

I was leaving the Walmart parking lot and I saw this homeless man with his sign under his arm and his pants pulled down taking a sh** in the bushes. I hated to do it but I had to report it to the police because it was in broad daylight. Now everytime I pass there I am gonna be looking all over the bushes to see if he is over there

Dear whoever pissed on the toilet seat,
I hope you're out in the woods one day, get mauled by a bear and he pisses on your a**.
Your mom

Is it snowing anywhere in the USA right now ???

It's funny how a lot of guys think they're the sh** with their piece of sh** Honda cars.

Another foot of snow coming into Chicago tonight .

Help, please! What are the pros and cons of purchasing a Honda? I need to buy an economical car.

This non stop f***in Chicago winter is killing me.

An atomic blast levels all of Chicago , I can see the mushroom rise , the shock wave spreads 360 degrees , Lake Michigan kicks up 100 foot waves going east , going west where I'm watching 40 miles away , the shock waves knock down trees followed by a 1000 degee fire ball. I'm running for cover but it's in slow motion and as I'm running , it catches up to me and I see myself vaporize .
This is my reoccurring dream.

I'm terrified of learning to drive a car.
I know that everyone does, and most people are excited to learn, but I'm so scared of cars, even when I'm just riding in one. I often have nightmares of driving a car, and then crashing into a lake, or just crashing.

I feel like such a loser, I'm 19 and I still can't drive.

I f***in hate this Chicago winter tonight. I've got a 30 degree upward incline driveway about 70 feet long. Come home tonight and the f***er is pure ice after it f***in rained 2 inches today but 2 days ago it was f***in 25 below.
AWD , traction control and all the other bulls*** got me half way up , slid sideways down into the bushes and that's where the f***ers spending the night.