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This b**** is crazy 6NNE237 freaking almost caused not only an accident, but rudely flipped me off after what the f*** b****

Chicago got a foot of snow on Saturday and it's going to hit -15 tonight , with wind chill it'll be -45.
Already lots of schools & business's are announcing stay home tomorrow . sh** , what do ya expect from a Midwest winter , 65 and sunny ?
Green bays game today s/be interesting.

After I eat my pizza I'm going to run as far as I can. I might barf on the way but thats ok. I'll rest afterwards and keep running. Running until I can call my house a home. Only then will I 180° back

Snowing like Crazy here in Michigan. Everyone in Michigan Please drive safe and slow, the roads are getting slippery take care everyone

Snowing on New Years Eve in Chicago . Can't wait to see what happens on the roads around midnight .❄️

snobby sh**heads its just a bubbler thats it Im not using it anymore and I just wanna get rid of it you didnt have to act like I was gonna attack you cause I was asking you if you knew this girl who might want it b****

f***in 40 bucks to park for 3 hours in Chicago .
City contract crooks.

I wish a knew how to drive.

I have to be somewhere in an hour on 3 hrs of sleep.. ugh WHYYY lol

17 years living in the same ficking city everyday and i dont know street names or bus routes. the only bus that i know takes me where i needed to go was out of order and because im so impatient i just took some other bus and at least it didnt leave really far from my house but when i got off to cross the street that circle light thingy was green but the red hand signal was on and like what does that even mean??? so i crossed the street and then the light turned orange and omf... read more

DID YOU KNOW? the road signs that are outlined with white are optional?

It's 81 degrees in Florida... be jealous.

Winter weather driving alert : if your near any car that has a lot of snow piled up on it , and it's not snowing / keep far out of the way. They don't care about their piece of sh** , they certainly don't care about your car.
Accident waiting to happen.

So my wife and I spend 3 days & 2 nights in Chicago to celebrate our anniversary .
This requires her to bring FIVE f***ing pair of shoes !!!

5TORM08 a**h*** , this person deserves to just get a ticket, I can't believe it my kid was in the car and everything

Crooked land lord needs to go f*** herself

I live off a country road with a 25 MPH posted limit. So today I'm watching this huge 10 point buck start to cross the road when this idiot who's in a rush blows his horn & the buck freaks.
That was a smart decision .

So the line to pay at the gas station is backed up because some beaner can't speak a word of English has to go out to her car to get her kid to translate the purchase .
And these guys have valid drivers licenses?

Friendly reminder: if you are going straight from a stoplight, please stay out of the right lane. You're needlessly blocking people who could be turning right on red, and they are screaming cuss words at you.

Can't wait to go home :))))))