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All cyclists are **nts! Buy a car, the worlds gonna die anyway!

What's with the new Iway in Rhode Island? It's basically brand new, yet the road is as bumpy as always... pathetic!

why do people paint lines OVER other lines in a parking lot... the lines are for either diagonal parking or for parallel parking... ho stupid! REMOVE A SET OF LINES!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoever invented wind should die........ Effing COLD out here!!!!

I missed the damn T stop at Arlington Because I was Muttring... seriously? WTF!

Why does the E green line in boston come only every 25 minutes!! Friggin ridiculous!

AND I left my coat at the last customer I was at all the way in Watertown... so now i'm waiting here AND FREEZING!

PEDESTRIANS! You do not have the right of way just because you are on foot. I'm so tired of driving down the street in my neighborhood and having all you a**h*** walk down the middle of the road and not move your a**es out of the way. Sidewalks FTW.

I'm just loving the way people cross a main road these days. Without looking in any direction and then walking in the middle of one of the lanes, which is always the one you're traveling in.

Nothing fills my heart with loathing more than driving in stop-and-go traffic for about an hour, only to come to a wreck on the side of the road and find that people have been driving slowly just to get a peek. This, above all things, is surely a sign of lower intelligence.

You know what really grinds my gears? Traffic. Really people, is driving near a posted speed limit that tough? 45 minutes to drive 3 miles. Come on!