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To the person below and Canada in general:

Some bottles of vodka are being recalled in Ontario because the alcohol content is about double what it should be.

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario says labels on one batch of Georgian Bay Vodka shows 40 per cent alcohol by volume, but the alcohol content is actually 81 per cent.

The board says the batch was bottled before correct dilution was made to achieve the 40 per cent level.

So I'm going on a Canada road trip with my friend and roommate and we are only in the planning stage but we have less then one week left to go and i can not stand them. My roommate freaks out and panics about anything and worries why to much. The other day she was freaking out over the customs rules and how we need to make sure that we can't bring a granola bar over without registering it otherwise we will get fined. My friend sets things up with out discussing it with me and... read more

get higher #MIRRORMASK

UK : New drivers who are caught using a phone at the wheel will lose their license under new legislation that comes into force today.

Social anxiety is ruining my life.

I wish I could just die.

I hit my aunts car at 2mph. My first thought:

Torch the car. She can't beat you if there's no evidence

Saner heads prevailed. I told her.............I should've torched her car

You can take mini bottles of liquor through airport security, so long as they're overtly displayed just like your toiletries.

I've done this for years and passengers in line are always amazed-- "you can do that?!" So long as it's within the approved TSA volume (under 2 or 3oz), they're treated like toothpaste or cologne. Obviously this is assuming you're 21 or older.

Travelers may carry as many 3.4 ounce bottles of liquid (mini bottles of liquor are 1.7 ounces) that fit com... read more

British Columbia
Vancouver politicians to skip official Trump Tower opening

The official opening of Vancouver's Trump International Hotel and Tower today will spark protests on the city's main thoroughfares and DELIBERATE NO-SHOWS from some local politicians and community leaders, but at least one prominent business executive will be delighted to be at the launch.

Vancouver billionaire developer Peter Wall, who will be there to see U.S. President Donald Trump's two sons ope... read more

I wish I never left my house

I wish i could just drop my life and travel for 6 months

What are some incredibly spooky/haunted locations in the U.S. that I can actually visit?

When cleaning out my grimy a** car feels like a chore

Check out an app called Just Ahead..... It's mainly just National Parks but we used it in Yellowstone and it was freaking amazing. We learned more about the park and find more cool little side trips using it that we would have completely missed.

US Immigration Officers Are Now Checking IDs On Domestic Flights !?!

Well this is truly bizarre. Pictures are circulating from one of yesterday’s Delta flights between San Francisco and New York. Upon arrival in New York, passengers on DL1583 were met by (at least) two US Customs & Border Protection Agency officers, who allegedly demanded to see each passenger’s “documents.”

My flight from SFO to JFK. We were told we couldn't disembark without showing our "documents... read more

Starting in June, European budget carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA will begin flying single-aisle planes nonstop from the US to Europe, with fares costing less than $100.

Two FEMA camps in every state with barbed wire on the inside of the fence to prevent escape... aka concentration camps and reeducation for domestic enemies of the state, hope you're ready.

Can everyone just fling themselves into the ocean please. That is the way forward

Bet that's the last time you tailgate someone, or did you learn nothing after veering into a muddy ditch when I got fed up and chucked my huge soda out the window to land perfectly on your windshield? f*** you for trying to push me.

Who here is from South Africa?

The most famous person in human history will be the first person born in space.