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Please. Could it please be warm out

I just cried so much while in my car that I had to count each of the digital pixels on the numbers of my mileage just to calm down...which btw were a lot lol.

Pro-tip: count dots or lines if you have anything digital in your car if you feel like you're too emotional for the road. It's oddly therapeutic.

I want to go to Canada and see if I can survive there.

Processing your feelings with Disney movies. Like an adult.

#Wyomingite #Moanna #ThisCouldBeAGrandAdventure

Google is letting people use its driverless car service for any ride, at any time.

The search firm's sister company Waymo has created a free "early rider" program in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hundreds of families are expected to take part. Waymo has equipped a fleet of 500 minivans
with its self-driving technology to handle ride requests.

The company said testers could ride any time across a test zone in
Phoenix twice the size of San Francisco.

The test is the first, large-scale ... read more

rick james voice: GHETTO LIFE!!!!

The Best Time to Visit Anywhere in the World

The best places to visit on any given week, based on weather

UPDATE: By popular demand I have built a Celsius version.

http //decisiondata org/the-best-time-to-visit-anywhere/

Ladies- what is your favorite type of swimsuit?

Mexico has 2,020 homicides in March for the first time since the summer of 2011,

and had more killings in the first quarter of 2017 than in the start of any year in at least two decades !!!

Can we really blame these people for wanting to get the F-CK outta there ????

Hey so I'm 17 and I've been thinking a lot about what I wanna do when I'm an adult. More than anything I want a job with two things: being able to help people, and global travel. I'd love to help all sorts of people all over the world. My main goal right now is to get an education and learn at least ten languages. Any job suggestions?

I hate being poor so much! I hate my parents can't make a living, not even college graduates! I always get embarrassed because of them!!!!!!!!!! My sisters grad and a concert I wanted to go to is a day apart and I can't go because they can't afford a ticket back.... I understand I should be compassionate and be okay.... BUT I SERIOUSLY AM NOT!!!!!! I hate that I can't do things I want to do because I'm really poor!!! AND YES I HAVE A JOB AND IM IN HIGH SCHOOL BUT COME ON I WO... read more

Is this a thing now...........

Authorities are searching for a suspect who they say set a 69-year-old man on fire at a

Happy Valley Oregon Denny's restaurant Wednesday night.

Detectives are looking into the possibility that this case is related to another incident

earlier this week, in which a person threw gasoline on a stranger at the

Clackamas Town Center movie theater.

Wish I wasn't so afraid of bed bugs and so broke. I want to travel and go places.

Receding glacier causes immense Canadian river to vanish in four days.

First ever observed case of ‘river piracy’ saw the Slims River disappear

as intense glacier melt suddenly diverted its flow into another watercourse.

*** Just one of the many coming disasters of global warming ***

ahahahhhaha ohmygod my mom wouldn't let me deliver a flower to a friend's house (yes i know i'm super pissy and moody) because i needed to spend time doing homework so instead of doing either i went upstairs and then cut and then did absolutely nothing with triple the time that it would had needed for me to walk there and back

I suck at driving. I have been taking driving lessons on and off since 2014, and STILL I am nowhere near passing standard!? That's so frustrating. 3 instructors later, I've downgraded to Automatic lessons because my concentration is so bad I can't keep up with changing gears. Still, no vast improvement. I'm worried I will never pass. And maybe I'd be okay with not learning to drive, since I dread my weekly lessons anyway. But that theory test I took almost 2 years ago, draine... read more

Its funny how when Americans talk about great presidents of years past they always mention JFK, Lincoln, Reagan, etc, but Eisenhower is never mentioned. I mean all he did was orchestrate and coordinate the US Interstate Highways from state to state in 4 years. That's right..Most of the major interstates in this country were built in a 4 yr timeframe. Nowdays that would be a 10-15 year project. So, when you're traveling from state to state on I-10 in Texas or I-85 in south Flo... read more

So I'm 17 and I live in Tennessee. I got into a minor car accident yesterday which was my fault, and I scraped the paint of the other car and dislocated their sideview mirror. Nobody got hurt and the cars both run well. The insurance we have covers all the damage which is less than 1000$ worth. My question is, how high will our insurance get ?( I'm on my parents insurance)

i should kill myself while my girlfriend is gone

i don't eveven care what f***ing i'm positng in i;m drunk as f***