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15 year old Male
Joined Jun 2017

I'm just a pansexual Trans dude trying to get through my life y'all He / Him please and thank you. I guess i'm Larskin too and I don't regret it

Muttrs by GalaxyLars

But Squip kinda looks like JD from Heathers too? wha

I'm probably gonna get yelled at for making this comparison but Squip for BMC seems like Bill from Gravity Falls tho

I actually want to get into the BMC ( Be More Chill ) fandom and watch it since it looks really good, but I don't know where there'll be a video of it, and plus I can't get onto youtube anyway. Anyone got any suggestions on how to get into it now?

My eyes are doing the thing again, now with additional leakage. god dammit


yo who keeps upvoting my posts? I'm not bothered, just curious.

what do you say to someone who you want to return to the site because they just light up your day, but don't know how to say it?

my eyes hurt for some reason goddammit

Okay so I had two dreams.

One where I met another trans guy, but it was so good because he was just so supportive of me, another trans guy who doesn't do the things most trans guys do. but seriously, he was just so amazing.

The other one was where I found out someone had died and I needed to tell people. That one speaks for itself, but it made me feel bad when i woke up and i still feel bad, and i think i will for the rest of the day.

wow. writing a book is harder than I thought.


okay, so it's not gone. wow, I guess I expected that.

hopefully when i return the spam will be gone. let's hope so.

seriously though, the rules are only english and no spam. listen to the rules.

how to report an account on muttr??

let's play how fast can i type and break up the spam that's coming that doesn't even make sense. you all should play too. we would make a good team.

Y'all I just got a compliment box and I need stuff too put in it. Any suggestions?

yall my profile picture changed and i love it

"your settings have been saved"

uhh i think tf not you trick a** b****

I love Padparadscha so much, like I swear to god I would die for her if i needed to.

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