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is sexting wrong?? help

someone talk to me I'm bored fml

Rant 1. I just want to have someone that i can let all my secrets and emotions and how i feel and what I'm going through. I have a best friend but i don't think i could ever tell her. so hmu if interested...

Rant 2. Why does my mum have to be so controlling, pushy as accusing of me. I can barley take it any more. I'm moving further and further away from here because of it.

Rant 3. Im so f***ing horny all the time and i need a release fml

for f*** sake! i know i lost my job and I've been looking for a month! you don't think i know that? I'm not f***ing stupid. stop pushing and pushing and pushing I'm about to burst. I'm so over it f***ing hell

Im going to be honest. i have recently been going to online chat room and talking to randoms, i pretend that im a complete different person. I say that I'm 20, live in vegas and work as a professional dancer and stripper. I sometimes sext them and i feel good and empowered. I know that i shouldn't do it but i enjoy it, but when it stops i feel so guilty. like what if my family found out, or my friends, or what if somehow this can ruin a career i want in my future. but i do en... read more

Is masturbuating wrong? should i feel guilty about it? I'm so confused about myself

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