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I have no clue why but I'm in the mood to cook anything and everything.

So my new bf and I wanna sit in his truck and cuddle and we wanna makeout and he wants to play with my thighs and I wanna sit on his lap and makeout while on his lap and there's so much i wanna do with him.


So there's this guy and he kinda has a crush on me and I kinda like him back but he's my best friend's ex and he kinda told her we just wanted to be friends but I don't and it's depressing. It doesn't help that I cut and am depressed enough already. It doesn't help that I'm slowly going insane and he promised to help me get through it and we've been friends since they broke up the first time and honestly I can't tell the difference between real and not anymore unless it's pai... read more

Everything is changing. I started cutting again. I broke up with my bf. My friend is dating a f***boy. I'm losing friends. I can't even fall asleep peacefully anymore. When I see my him he looks so sad. I have to keep myself from crying in front of people. I try to find ways to numb the emotional pain. My grades are slipping. My life is falling apart. I don't know what to do. I need help.

So there's this guy who was hitting on me. He's younger than me, and I have a boyfriend. I friend zoned this first guy and we talked for a few days and now he's avoiding me. I thought I could still be friends with him but turns out he's a f***boy. He made me really sad and I'm being stupid and obsessive. Someone please tell me it's not worth it. He was just using me and when he figured out I wasn't gonna date him, he just left. Please tell me that this isn't worth getting sad... read more

Isn't it funny how in this cycle of depression you're so sad you wanna kill yourself and then later you think you're truly happy? But then you slowly start thinking about killing yourself again and the cyle never stops.

Honestly if someone handed me a gun or knife I'd either cut myself or kill myself. My life just hasn't gotten any better and I know that everyone wants me to live and they say I'm so pretty and I'm worth something but honestly I'm not. I'm not worth anything on this miserable planet.

So I don't understand this but I can't wear leggings at school because I might turn some guy on and they might get a boner. So I get punished for something I can't control. I don't even know how that's even remotely possible for me to turn a guy on because I'm ugly as f***. Everybody else wears leggings to school, even some of the guys, but I can't because I have a sh**y mother. I hate school and I think I'm going to just sneak leggings in my backpack and put them on at scho... read more

So today the school project I spend endless hours on making breaks and its made of clay baked in the kiln, glazed, and once again put in the kiln, and I drop it. I dropped it on concrete and as soon as I look down at it and see it shattered to pieces I start crying. Of course I'm outside. So I pretty much run inside and hide in the bathroom because nobody will bug me in the bathroom. I'm still crying and this happened like half an hour ago and to make everything better I'm cr... read more

I'm not suicidal but I don't wanna live. I don't cut or try to kill myself. I just wanna fall asleep and never wake up. I've started sleeping my life away except for school. Nobody at school knows I'm sad all the time because I act happy around everyone but at home it's totally different. At home I sleep as much as possible hoping one day I won't wake up.

So I just kinda told my mom I didn't want my birthday to happen and just kinda walked out of the room. And now I'm hiding from her so she won't see me cry. I don't exactly know why I'm crying I mean like it's not a big deal so why should I be crying? I guess it's because I cry alot so when I feel like I'm hurting someone or feel like someone is going to hurt me it just comes out. I hurt everything I touch. I just wish I could have some friends and be happy with myself but I c... read more

Ok so even tho my birthday is soon I don't want it to happen or I'm not excited for it. I don't really get excited for it anymore and I know I'm young I should be excited but I'm not. My friends forget it, nobody ever comes when I invite them, and I don't feel like celebrating it this year.

Ok so my best friend knows about my depression I've had it like 8 years now. He keeps telling me how to fix it and when I tell him he's wrong he always asks have you tried? I tell him yes I have and every time I go off on him about how he should try being in my shoes for those 8 years. I won't get help because I don't want anyone to know. I can't get help but that's not the point the point is that he keeps telling me how to fix it but I can't. He doesn't understand I've ben d... read more

So I've been depressed alot recently and I've never thought of commiting suicide.. Until recently...... It all started out as a joke like laugh it off I'll be fine. Then it started not becoming a joke to me and I've been seriously considering it... I accidentally told my bf about it and he started getting concerned and I just couldn't stop myself from telling him all about every single thought and I just want to hang myself because life isn't getting better the depression is ... read more

I feel like I have depression issues but I don't tell anyone because I know how it goes. I either get told I'm making it up or that I'm fine and I'll get through it. I never get any help. I don't even tell my friends anymore or ask them for help because they don't help they just make fun of me. I wish someone could help me without me telling anyone I know....

So finals are coming up for me and I just feel really stressed like I don't study because studying doesn't help me. I just want to be able to let the all out so I can feel more relaxed. I'm usually a good student, I turn in most of my assignments, I pay attention in class, I keep good grades mostly. I just feel like I'm going to fail the exams.

Omg!!!! Ok so I just had my first kiss and it was just so amazing!!!!!! We were watching a play and I leaned my head on his shoulder and occasionally I would look up at him and once he looked down and started to lean in but I kinda just let him kiss my forehead... And then later he started to move his hand toward my chin and I gently stopped his hand from reaching my chin.... Then just barley a little bit later I looked up at him and he looked down and moved in and I met him ... read more

Ok so I made up this alter ego to talk to my boyfriend's ex to see what she wanted to talk to him about. I kinda now think she's real and I even have her profile and everything in my mind. I think I need mental help could someone try to help me?

I feel like a b**** and I have no idea why I'm taking it out on my boyfriend. I feel really bad for taking it out on him but once it all starts coming out I can't stop. I hate it and yes I know I need mental help. I kinda need help and it's built up over the years.


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