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24 year old
Joined Apr 2017

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Muttrs by cherrychapstick


Something about how I hate myself.

I was about to type something important but now I can't remember it...

I miss you lol what am I doing

Or I have enough to order a burrito should I order a burrito from our local to go burritos or should I order a pineapple pepperoni pizza?

Holy moly someone put some money in my account thank you so much!!! Im so grateful to whoever you are. I'm going to order a pizza now.

I'm so hungry I just wish I could order a pizza.

I don't usually share my PayPal sorry if that was annoying. I'm desperate.

I doubt anyone will respond to this but if you want to help feed me tonight you can donate to my paypal. It's haigingerpanda (at the gmail dot the com)

Nothing tastes as good as a cigarette after drinking half a bottle of wine.

I'm a sucker for the sun loves the moon comparisons.

What kind of book should I read?

Comment what time it is and what you are thinking about most.

Someone kiss me and feed me.

Someone buy me tacos.

Someone make out with me while we eat tacos.

Someone come drink Chardonnay with me.

HELLO SOMeone write me a poem:

I'm 5'6 and 160 pounds fml.

I'm just... not going to eat tonight since I don't have any money.


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