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24 year old
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Muttrs by cherrychapstick

I never want to talk to any of you again I'll never come back to this website.

I'm so done just tell me who u r so we can get the weird sh** over with my creepy friend


Meeting him tonight was nice. I can't wait until it's like a slap in the face for you. Haha. I can have every guy you want to be with and it's easy.



I'm a swinnnnneeeee­čÖÇ­čś╣

He's actually really cute. I hope he will keep talking to me. I think he only recognizes me because of her.

She's back with you, well I'm with her man she found when you wasn't around. How ironic is that.


I am feeling very lonely and like I just lost the last friends I had. But today was a good day, spent in the sun. I feel pretty today, and I feel normal. I hope I can sleep well. Goodnight.

I am not a fat 24 year old child. I'm an adult and my parents love me. You hag.

My parents were saying they might help me get another place soon and I really hope they will. That would help me out tremendously.

Sun bathing. I'm on my third beer. I'm thinking about how I wanna run away. Maybe I'll move to another state.

things are going terribly but I'm handling it well and I think I'm going to start feeling better.

I'm dying. I hope you come to my funeral, l. I loved you. I wanted you and I loved you and you were never there forme. And this is your fault. The box of letters under my bed to you is your fault. I'll eitherdie or go to the hospital now: I never want to see you or your name again.

Wrists slit bye.

I cut so much the blood won't stop.

I can't luv e anymore I'm shave yo so die I am bye I love you I wish you loved em I wish you had loved me

I'm so drunk I'm sorry I'm so ready to die I have nothing I have no one I'm so alone and I'm done I'm done being pathetic and alone and miserable I'm done with this life in I'm sorry am I no on pushed me to it I just wanted it I wanted to be somewhere else I'm going somewhere else neo


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