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Ssssssh. I rant to much and I'm a douche disguised as a nice lady.

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Ya'll are real dick bags when I turn on anonymous...

My job interview is tomorrow. Could use the prayers.

On the bright side I watched my friends graduate today.

Well, I know you're all invested in my garage kittens... Another one's dying. We're not letting the other two slip away easily... Dammit. Rest in Peace, Beans. Scar Face isn't alone anymore.

Envision good things for yourself.

I WILL get this job.

I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for the prayers
#Prayers #SoExcitedICantSpeak #YESSSSS

Well, since the mom was so torn up about loosing that one kitten I promised I'd do everything within my power to keep her from losing the other three (which are also wounded). I didn't want to spend my day cleaning sores but there you have it. That momma is so heartbroken... She stands like a sentry to the entrance of the garage and won't let anyone go in (unless you're human and large).

Welp, since the kitten died I need more prayers about:
-Getting a job
-Getting a call back from my agent
-For my family
-And for my internet boyfriend who has just kind of gone missing from the internet.

Thanks so much for your consideration. Good vibes are also appreciated.
With the faith of a mustard seed ya can move mountains.

#Prayers #KetchupIsStillTastier #Goodvibes

I need someone to make me a sparkling gif that says "WITH WHAT MONEY?"

*Might have lump on cervix*
*Can't afford to go to the clinic*
*Is "handling it" by monitoring it*
*Is expected to take a stray to the vet.*

#Dumbass #Healthcare

Who keeps quoting that book? And what book is it?

That awkward moment when you can barely afford top ramen and some bonehead from the internet scolds you for not taking a stray kitten to the vet...

Welp, that kitten just died. He looked better though. I definitely eased the pain before he passed. He was covered in sores and I drained, and salved them 3-5 times a day.

I need prayers that I get called for a job interview tomorrow!!!

I can’t stop crying.
My 80-something grandparents will be dead soon, my 11 year old cats who are going to start dying, and now there is an injured kitten dying in my bathtub. He refuses to eat… It’s like he thinks he’ll be taking food from the other three well-er kittens.
No matter what I do there is nothing I can do to stop death from coming! I have to watch my cats’ arthritis make them take half an hour up the stairs, my grandma can’t walk around the yard by her... read more

Did you know you're nicer to me when I'm not anonymous?
Please remember each one of these posts is made by a hurting person.
Don't be a dick.

Always be kind. You never know what someone is going through.

For instance, I'm holding a dying kitten in my lap, watching Twilight, and fortifying my facebook account against a long time stalker. :)

Don't know how many times I have to say this buuuuuut...

People are going to rant about stupid bulls***. And I for one am not putting on a show for you. I'm RANTING. Because this is a rant sight.

Has better content. It is more entertaining and more people will entertain you like they owe you something.

Is better for trolls. EVERYONE is a troll on twitter. It's kind of ridiculous. Whatever you give you get on Twitter. So it's not a pot sh... read more

It sucks... I hate this time of year. My graduation in 2014 sucked a**. So hard. I hated every second of it. I only walked across that stage and had the parties because my family LITERALLY forced me. It was the last thing they ever MADE me do.

I remember at the Baceloriet (or however the f*** you spell it) they gave us each a Sacajawea dollar as a symbol for something I can't remember. I shouted "I WILL TRADE SOMEONE A PAPER DOLLAR FOR THIS PIECE OF sh**." my mother was hurt... read more


Plus sized swim wear that is actually cute!

Swim suits for all is the company name.

They go down to size four too.


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