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23 year old Female
Joined Dec 2016

I am #QueenOfTrolls I am only a bitch when called upon to be so.♥

Muttrs by flowersindecember

I want to make out with a bottle of vodka. Working on book number two. It might not be as good as my best... But I promised myself one book, per year, for the rest of my life. Well, my year's almost up. Oh. f***ing. Well. There goes another shattered dream.
I kind of think I need to dump my boyfriend because I know I might not love him the way he does me. I feel like I'm using him just because I'm afraid to be alone. It's easy to find a f*** buddy but hard to find true intima... read more

How many of ya'll have female bosses? This is fascinating.

I'm so sad... There was a song I dedicated to my future boyfriend a year ago... Once I felt that way I'd play it for him and tell him how I waited on him.... But now I have a boyfriend, that song is playing, and I don't feel it. Something isn't just right... Maybe I should let him go. IDK?

How to trigger a troll:


I kind of want to write my life story on a backpack. So then I carry my past wherever I go. That way I'll never forget who I am.

Well. It appears some of you have figured out you're words actually really f***in' hurt. Thanks.

My sanity has been much more stable since I dropped off this site. Well, actually reading what's on this site. What's said about me. ETC.

Anon hate ain't sh**.

Sometimes I get this itch I can't scratch... I wanna have a baby. But I also want to give that baby a good home. One with two parents, and running water.

My life is perfect. I'm so happy.♥


I kinda wanna go search my name and see what's all been said and how many likes I got buuuut. You b****es be talkin' smack, first off. Second I'm pretending I don't need as much validation as the next guy. PSH!

Plot twist: I'm a bot that developed sentience.

Oh ye Gods... I commented on something on Goodreads... Am I going to get a notification and an email telling me about the notification every time someone else comments?

Not like we have to get serious right off the bat... Then again, why would you even try a relationship unless you were serious?

Why'm I even trying again with this guy? CURSE YOU ABBA! Getting in my head and sh**... Jk, Abba. I love you. Whatever. It's like riding a rollercoaster you know isn't really safe. It makes it all the more exciting.

That awkward moment your ex comes back and asks you to be his again while you're listening to Abba... "Take a chance on me!" "Mama Mia, here I go again!" "I finally met my Waterloo". Is this a good idea or is it the Abba talking? Who knows. No more dangerous than drag racing.

What the f*** did you do to Cherrychapstick?!

It's like some of you got banned. Where are my adoring fans?

Okay, we interrupt this programming to bring you niceness...

I am really proud of the person trying to spread love on here. You're a better person than I am. Good job.♥


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