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Muttrs by flowersindecember

I really want to color too...

#Wyomingite #Moanna #Adulting

Processing your feelings with Disney movies. Like an adult.

#Wyomingite #Moanna #ThisCouldBeAGrandAdventure

Holy f***, holy f***, holy f***. My dream job called but I have to move to Michigan and find my own housing to do it.

#Wyomingite #Michigan #ForestService #ButMyFamilyIsEverythingToMe

All important decisions must be met with a long hike.

#Wyomingite #INeedACigarette

Please pray for me to whichever Gods are your favorite! (Mine's Jesus. Just sayin') I got a job offer in Michigan.


When all is lost, at least muttr thinks I'm a nice lady... 1464 rep.


I'm done! I'm done for the day! I try to apply for jobs and my computer just BLEH! and I'm done! f*** it.

...Why is amazon trying to sell me books about getting over your tramatic childhood. My family's all that really matters to me...

#Odd #Family

What a day. Three bloody noses and one mental break down. I owned two small businesses at 20! Why do I feel like a nothing?

That feel when not even your tarot cards like the guy...

#WatchOutForADecietfulMale #Tarot #DidntITellYouIWasCrazy?

Well. I THOUGHT that date went well. But I just wasn't feelin' him. You feel me? So I told him so and he told me to go join farmer's only. Pretty bummed.

#Dodgedabullet #Date

*Stares blankly in mirror for 30 seconds*

#DateDay #HowToRockConfidence

Today's going to be a good day! ♥

And I'm breaking out because I'm freaking out!


Yo! I need prayers! I have a date with someone I met online tomorrow. O.O

Music is everything.

Things I tell myself:
"Start being hard on yourself or the world will"
"You're doing okay."
"You're f***ing crazy."
"Buck up, buttercup!"
"What do you tell your friends with ACTUAL [diagnosed] depression? Wake up and keep on fighting. And what are you doing. Not fighting hard enough!"
"My god, you've gotten fat..."
"Count your blessings you're so lucky!"
"You have a date tomorrow. Why aren't you excited?"
"You ARE enough (Yeah right...)"
"Look at the beautiful day!"
"Stop usi... read more

Is this a common feeling or something?

"Deep down I feel like I'm going to meet my ex in a few years when we're completely different people and then we'll make it work... But honestly, I never want to see that manipulative bastard again. If he tried to hug me I'd punch him in the mouth. And I really, really, don't like him. I can barely stand to be in the same town as him. I've literally growled at my phone because he texted me."

That feel when you wake up hating yourself...

Hemp guy!

Come to butthead. We must discuss the miracle plant.



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