Flurrron says

i really hope one day people realize that being like "oh fauxgender" and all that is.. pointless
because its disrespectful, and there isnt a point in it
people have died over this bulls***
we r all people, we all laugh, breathe, cry, have good and bad days
cant anyone accept that and not hate?
i know its not likely, but just for once..

  • Jan 10
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Flurrron says

the want to die(tm) is overwhelming today, hopefully i can make it through this again

  • Jan 8
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Flurrron says

i s2g
"hey shove a folded pair of socks down ur boxers itll be fiiiiine"
this is like
large oof
walking around like this is awkward and i made the mistake of wearing skinny jeans today

  • Dec 8
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Flurrron says

im so done and so f***ing tired
this sh** happens every day, yet i cant do anything about it, seeing as im the "cause of everyones problems"
u would think, "people r nicer now, right?" but nope, not at f***in all
im f***ing done i want to go home or at least somewhere away from here
anywhere would be nice
only if the people there dont tell people to go f***ing die on a daily basis

  • Nov 28
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Flurrron says

yall i feel like im bout to have a dang heart attack frickin kayla almost told the person i like that i like them and just ohm y god

  • Nov 17
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Flurrron says

guess i should explain who i am, right?
so here, seeing as i have no place else, i shall rant here about fictionkin things and the ilk
kin types: Peridot (SU), Ruby (SU), Chara (UT), Sans (UT), Papyrus (OT), Parthaanax (Skyrim), Tom (EW), Tord (EW), and, legitly a fox (literally just a fox.. i mean like.. just a fox)
pronouns: he/him
yall can call me seth if yall want, it dont matter

  • Nov 13
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Flurrron says

f***ing ughhh
so for once, ya know
i find my matt, and my edd
but hey ya know
they both f***in hate me, even though i dated both
what a great day :D

#fictionkin #eddsworldkin #tomkin

  • Nov 7
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