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"It's not what they call you it's what you answer to."

Muttrs by jazmynrenee

someone please help me calm down. this verification test for the army has me shook. i'm so scared. I've cried three times in thirty minutes

I really gotta stop watching horror movies at one in the morning

>:=( i swear to mother Mary of Jesus f***ING CHRIST

oh look at the mess I've gotten myself into

oh god what am I getting myself into?

Oh sure. Happy Thursday morning. Wonderful Thursday morning. Fantastic Thursday morning. JUST f***ING GREAT!!

I honestly just wanna be done with high school already. it's gotten beyond annoying. really way annoying. im so glad its senior year.

Maybe instead of telling everyone else to shut up, yknow maddie it'd be a great idea to take your own advice

It's beginning to look a lot like autumn

Life just got way better

can I delete muttrs?

I'm actually really hyped to be an adult and grow up and move out. No not just so I can get away from my parents, but I'm actually excited to see what the future has for me.

when your white friend can't handle your latina mom's homemade salsa

I wonder how Chris Brown's daughter is gonna react when she finally sees his video for Back To Sleep

why is it that when dad's around, you're a raging b****, but when he's not, you're the best step-mom ever?

Okay, so. I'm seventeen, turning 18 Sept 29, I graduate at the end of May. Right now I make $12 an hour, 8 hrs Monday - Thursday, 6 hrs on Fridays, but I'm currently not working due to school. My plan was to work for a year, save up and spend as little as possible. and instead of applying to Modesto JC, I wanted to get the hell out of my parents house. Yes, I know a $650 average monthly paycheck wont cover even half of the monthly expenses, and it's going to be very, very har... read more

thank you Mr. Osburn for clearing that up. clearing up that I'm not depressed, just super, over stressed to the point of wanting to give up. but at least i'm not depressed and have to motivation for life again

Welp. Apparently, according to every medical site I can find, I have depression. And I can't tell my parents because they'll just tell me it's all in my head and I need to get over myself.

he always offers me help with my struggles because "I'm your boyfriend, it's my job." but after a while I feel like a burden because I know he has stuff of his own that he has to sort through and figure out and I don't want to be so dependent on him because I don't know what I'll do if/when he's not here anymore. I'm at that age that I shouldn't have to ask someone to help me with my life every single day. he has a lot on his plate already and I just need to learn to solve my... read more

I'm here to (obviously) vent. If youre gonna be a dick with your dick comments, then dont even bother reading because i feel sh**y enough. Thanks.


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