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Any f***ing way: You've bored me to death. I made you angry and then you just didn't want to lose so you had to chill the f*** down in order to troll me properly- obviously your not leaving so I'm gonna go to a website that's less boring and trolly. Maybe update my fb pic (looking at the twink burning anon over there) donewithyourass.

Just gonna point it out- there's a little flag next to the comment button for good reason. To report people.

If anybody was giving a sh** to give that number a call. It's either the wrong number, or the troll is just a huge f***ing coward pretending lIke they don't know what the sh** is going on/aren't involved.

Holy sh** is it over? Are you done now? Jesusf***ingshit

Hi I'm insanely gay and I practice witchcraft. (Let's see how many people get mad)

Ya. K sure.
Your god is real. Totally f***ing real.
He hates women.
He murdered a man he claimed as his son for the sake that we would no longer have to make animal sacrifices to earn forgiveness for sins like eating a g**d*** cheeseburger
Ps the animal sacrifices were a rule he made up in the first place.
And he's GOD but somehow has to contort to some archaic "my son for all this crazy sh**" rule because "that's just how it f***ing is" for some reason.
But no. Nah. That's n... read more

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