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Muttrs by mrrajesh

Yes, atleast i can view my muttr history, now to check when I will have the option of keeping certain muttr post 'PRIVATE', as sometime I need the outlet to vent my feeling without any comments.

Further to my muttr, on 10/13/09, I really feel disjusted that a straight forward person like me who is on the practical/realistic side has to suffer black festival when the whole country is going to celebrate and it does not look that my problem will be solved realistically by this year end and as a result this year is also going to go waste and therby affecting my future.

The false ego a person or a group of persons has comes in the way of another person's smooth life. I am going through similar situation and I banged my head on the wall (literally) thinking as to how to cross this hurdle with no concrete answer despite me being practical/realistic.

My laptop speed has become very very slow, affecting my work schedule/productivity. I scanned my laptop, but even then nothing worked and my laptop engineer is out of town for 4 more days. I am feeling miserable.

Days and Months have passed but no progress in the matter I required from financial institution due to false ego.

This is my first muttr, so now I will just say signed up today Wed, 7 Oct 2009.

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