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Yep, I run this circus! Please feel free to email, post on facebook/twitter, or use the "Feedback" feature if you need anything :)

Muttrs by n4te02

Seriously? I went to google and started searching "clever terms for"...and the only suggestion it gave me was "clever terms for pooping."

Y'all are some weird people...

Superbowl, lol. No disrespect to anyone performing, but if I wanted to watch a concert I'd simply watch Palladia. #Palladia

Just as I was about to say, "No luck for you this time Eli, HA!" BOOM out of the sky...Luckiest QB in the history of the game strikes again, lol. Rematch time! Hopefully Gronkowski is good to play.

I am sick of all these so called "live" webinars, where a "guru" talks about some new SECRET to earning money and how to become successful like they are. They show you screenshots of their accounts, and in some case show inside of their accounts "live."

At the beginning of the webinar they say do NOT leave the webinar because it is so full you will never make it back in. This is 100% bulls***! I accidentally exited and guess what, I came right... read more

What's with these spin-off Muttr type sites lately? I gotta say, they fail pretty hard compared to this...

So, a warning to all douche bags trying to steal the "idea" behind Muttr, I WILL find you and eat your first born!

Well, the meteorologists screwed up big time yet again... so much for the blizzard! I barely see a damn dusting. There's no other job around where you can change your "action plan" multiple times in one day and still be completely wrong, yet have job security... good lord

Holy hell, facebook... FIX YOUR DAMN facebook chat already. I do not enjoy seeing 75% of my messages not get through. As well as watching facebook disconnect and reconnect me every freakin' minute!!!

good god... why must the Patriots suck a** in the second half? WTF is going on!?

I hate how it takes me over an hour to fall asleep every night no matter how tired i am.

I love how Digg bans users with no good reason at all, and then avoids contact with you... I was banned for "comment spamming." WTF? Not once did I ever comment on a digg... all I did was share things on there. It's a SHARING SITE!!! If you get banned for SHARING on it, then what the hell is it good for? You got to be kidding me! Simply ridiculous...

Are you f***ing kidding me?! How much do you guys think the Patriots were paid to throw that one... just awful. They were clearly the better team by far.

Anyone heard of or seen this "Microsoft Surface" computer? Looks so sick, but I think they should make it usable with ipods and such too, cuz seriously who the hell uses a zune?

Seriously, does anyone else find it quite odd how this year there's been so much damn talk about the year 2012, leading right up to the "2012" movie? hmmm...

I am getting so sick of seeing the "Celebration Penalty" being called in football. So pointless. It's a f***ing highly energetic game, yet, when someone does something good they aren't allowed to celebrate? It really annoys the hell out of me to see an amazing play turn into a touchdown. Then the ref throws a flag because the guy was happy he just scored. Come the f*** on! This dumbass rule needs to be erased for ever.

I hate how bad officiating is getting, and nothing is being done about it. Each year it is worse, so bad that it's all they talk about after a game sometimes. That "Foul Ball" in extra innings in the Twins vs. Yankees game, was clearly fair by about a FOOT, how do you miss judge that from 10 ft away!? If I have to watch one more outcome of a game get completely turned over because of a dumb a** official, I don't know wtf I will do... oh wait yea I do, probably b**** more abou... read more

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