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This used to be a really good site where I opened up my feelings. I haven't really used it since 2 months ago and now its degenerated to chinese characters spam :/ and that really sucks. I'm leaving this site for good. ✌✌✌

I've decided that next Tuesday I'm going to tell everybody in my classes what i feel about them since its our last week in them.

Me:"Do you want to get something somewhere?"
Them:"Whatever you want"
Thoughts in my brain:" I WANT f***ING COMPROMISE!"

f*** me dude, I hate thinking about her so much.

Way to go me. When someone says that i was with someone and I say which one. What the actual f*** was I thinking, now this person thinks I'm a cheating scumbag. Even tho I'm fugly af. Nice one. Kms.

I miss how we used to be so much, but you cheated on me and say you didn't. You left me before I found out saying I didn't trust you? I'm still f***ing confused even though the evidence is right in my face. I'm so hurt I can barely stand it. Why are you lying, saying you left me because I was to clingy? Why are you spreading bad rumors about me? Why?

How to find a girl that loves dark humour in this town, go to the ghetto ;D

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