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I'm not an alcoholic but this week of work is killing my liver #techweek

Nope just a pile of nuh uhn

A tale of 2 racist, when I bought a house in year ago we had no care in the world about what neighborhood it was in because it had three bedrooms and three bathrooms. My mother-in-law however it turns out as scared of black people we're not we love our neighbors. My mother is scared of Muslims we have a Muslim Education Center in our neighborhood. They collectively asked how much more money would we need to move out of her neighborhood and we said only enough that we would do... read more

My husband isn't totally crazy, but I once said I didn't see the bugs in our kitchen and now every dead big in the house he shows me.

Rwarr I'm a big scary monster Rwarr! !! :)

We put my dog down Saturday, she was awesome and I'm glad we put her down before it got worse, but Friday night she ate a steak at Olive Garden. So I'm always going to remember eating a steak with my dog on an olive garden.

When I was little, my mom said I should become a singer, and I said I was too ugly, her response was, Janis Joplin was ugly and she made it.

Time goes on and I survive

Bad news is I came home this weekend for two funerals good news is I got to celebrate Father's Day with my dad and we played pinball. So lose win.

So, I don't tell people about my pastor's license. It basically exist so in several states I don't get arrested for tarot card readings. Recently my husband suggested that I become a greif counselor for the hospital for pagans. .... I'm going to a funeral this weekend to wish someone to the other side. #yolo

My Morning Jacket is going to get me through this day.

I set my alarm early this morning just snuggle

My dad's first problem with Muslims when I was little is that they wouldn't fight in wars, Later his problem was that they pray too much, Now his problem is they don't drink. I'm old enough now to know that he's not racist but generally sketched out by people who don't drink. And unwilling to do research that would make it chill. Sad part is if I were ever to convert religions, I'd probably consider being Sunni, It's like basic research prevents him from realizing not all Mus... read more

And the Stove Caught Fire. :(

So my husband hates our house that I paid for and every time we start a project will get the supplies and I need his help and then he just feel something else to try and derail it and wonders why I'm frustrated pissed off.

I'm just sitting in my room and waiting for mmmyyyyy ride

f*** I'm itchy I'm turning to homeopathy for relief

Tonight is my husband and I tried to purchase two avocados, our cashier got really upset it turns out she thought they were kiwis and didn't understand why the number didn't ring up kiwis. So we ended up with two avocados for a dollar she run them up as kiwis.

I'm a damn pirate, I commandeered my coffee this morning, and I'm slowly taking other people's responsibilities at work. I will slowly make them useless :D

Why do people expect me to bail them out of their sh**, couldn't they have listened when everyone told them not to f*** about?


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