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Now that you've read my post you should probably take a shot

That moment when you realize you've been hanging with your in laws for 5 hours, I though it was later than that.

For some reason I am forever misplacing my deodorant, but I think that's changed, I now stick it in the bra drawer.

Where all the interesting people at? Anyone have good news to share?

Scratch scratch scratch. I hope you're itchy now.

My job right now is actually watching paint dry. #gettingpaid

I'm not an alcoholic, but I am having a tough time at work, last night when I realized I've gone through a fifth in 3 days, I realized that my job is actually messing with my brain.

Divorcing a parent at first seems wrong but after you make the decision you'll find you are your own person and someone shouldn't treat you that way. It's foreign but once your there, it's comfy.

Is it only in America that people think it's rude when you someone speaks a different language that they don't speak.

My old man has always wanted a tattoo but not the commitment to the art, so I suggested we get matching tattoos of a freckle. He's actually mulling it over :D #tattoo

I left my allergy meds at home, and am contemplating a sick day to go get them and not come back. :)

I thought, I had a mimosa tree in the back yard only upon breaking out in hives did I find out the flowers I brought in from the tree were Sumac and oh boy am I itchy.

Thank god for gold bond powder, it's cooling me in this heat.

I make it a habit of trying not to speak like gypsy trash (I came from gypsies) but today, "it's not like her bandersnatch is towed in twade" to which my husband had no response. #babies

Today, I went from expecting 1 guest, to finding out 5 people were in the car on the way to my house, so I told them to find a hotel, somehow the car emptied out and is back down to the one original guest. Treat people like children when you have to.

Caught in a Landslide, No Escape from Eternity, Open your Eyes Look up to the skies and see!!!!! (Keep it Going)!

My hubs doesn't understand my depression, so it's intense when I tell him I'm depressed but nothing is wrong.

So I'm going through some crappie and I just wanted to make myself a nice meal, I'm so down I burnt it.

Would it kill my mom to admit, I'm not my dad's baby, cause I'm 27, and I would like to know what ethnicity my f***ing hair is. Like seriously, these curls don't cut it for a white/white relationship. Mom you a hoe, and I need help with these locking a** curls.

Anxiety is a real b****, a coworker got some bad news and lashed out at me, and even though, they apologized, I am crying at my desk trying to go unnoticed.


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