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....... it's a day.

Tonight on the help the spouse out game, he's sick so I did the dishes and the trash, but because I put the dishes away in the wrong order, I'm the bad guy. I'm chalking this up to sicky doesn't wanna deal.

Tonight I watched a tear-jerker because I had an amazing day and knew I could take it. Me before you was excellent, as was Marley and Me. I had a really good day. It included seeing old friends, getting a Unicorn Frappucino which I must admit made me incredibly jolly, and supplies for my sicky husband. It may not sound fun but it was indeed a good, relaxing day, I will now be taking my drunk a** to bed. :):):):):P             

I've been funemployeed for a month and as I try to help around the house no matter what I get yelled at. I mopped yesterday and the mostly empty mop bucket spilled and the first words out of my s/o's mouth were "JESUS CHRIST HONEY" 15 oz on a linoleum floor.

I was talking with my work healthcare benefits coordinators about taking my husband off of the eye care because he has 20/20 she informed me that wouldn't be smart because if he had to go the emergency room for getting something in his eye, the insurance wouldn't cover it but the eye care would. WTF America. #healthcare

Don't invite me over to do your taxes, and then not show up for me to graciously for free do your taxes.

In an attempt to say something positive, while I am depressed, I sat in sunshine today, and read a chapter of homework, no one bothered me. I'm not rich today but I spent 8 whole dollars on a cup of coffee and a cookie, and 4 bucks for the waitress who was sure that I was just going to take hours of space in her section. #sunshine #coffee #goodday

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