r0kud3n4shi says

I want to say that I am sick and tired of relying on finding an employer to hand me money. I wish I could get people to buy my stuff, read my blog, and take a look at my erotica...

  • Jan 12
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r0kud3n4shi says

I don't want to work there anymore.
I'm tired of trip reservations.
I'm tired of being bored. I could be spending that time pursuing things that actually matter to me.
But I'm with another person
And when you're with someone your choices affect them.
I want to quit so badly but I can't because that would put her in a bind.
I wish people would be my patrons on patreon.
I wish more people would read my blog or send me an inquiry about f... read more

  • Nov 20
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r0kud3n4shi says

I don't want this mundane bulls***.
I don't want to go back to a job I hate.
I want to have control over my own life.
I dread getting up the next day because I have to walk back into that hell and hope that I don't have a major meltdown.
It's hard being autistic and having to deal with a job I don't like.
I have to struggle to keep up, the job's tasks are getting too hard, no not too hard just not worth my time anymore
The pay sucks
T... read more

  • Oct 30
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r0kud3n4shi says

I am sick and tired of this bulls***. I hate my f***ing job. I hate working in this damn call center that pays a sh**y 10 dollars to make people sit on the phone dealing with back-to-back calls to the point where my head is about to f***ing explode! I can't deal with that place anymore, the pay is not worth it but people say "Oh be glad you have a job-" no, because with this bulls*** I have no time for me. I deal with social exhaustion and it is a permanent state that I exist... read more

  • Oct 30
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