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Muttrs by sadgirl

I'm still waiting for that text, it just says my name, and I respond with "what", and you say "nothing I just wanted to see if you were awake." Then we text for hours and that eventually leads to you calling me and us talking about nothing and everything at the same time until you hang up and my heart shatters.

"Someday you'll regret not appreciating me." Will I really?

I'm ashamed of your way of dealing with things, yelling at me won't stop your baby from crying and you say you have time for your other daughter but do you really? You told me today that you didn't eat breakfast and I told you why and you started ranting about how you don't have time and that I don't appreciate the moments with you. Why should I when your the one who picks at my every insecurity?

Not only am I done with your bulls***, I'm done with you.

I feel so lonely......

I'm not crazy, I'm not I swear. I don't need mental help, I'm not the damn mad hatter I'm just trying to be girl a normal girl.

Guys my family is so f***ed, imagine this, your parents just got divorced, your dad spends way too much time with your moms family, our moms family take sh** about your dad but welcomes him to the family more than you, your mom has her own life, she yells at you everyday to go to a therapist but you feel stupid to go to a therapist, and your brother si the only real parent you've ever had but he's moving you. IM SO CLOSE TO LOSING MY SELF

Not only am I so depressed but I'm also numb. I'm numb to all your bulls*** to every single thing you tell me in theta 5 minute car drive. "You'll never love me, you just want to dow antecedent you want to do." If I didn't love you why would I still put up with your sh**? Sometimes I feel like I'm just something weighing you down but your weighing yourself down.

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