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18 year old
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im everyones dad tbh

Muttrs by simplehuman

I've been Anorexic since i was 10 like before i knew what i was called or anything and my girlfriend says if i don't stop she won't hug me in fear of breaking me

Someone let me die just kill me please

when I'm sad i am sad when I'm happy I'm happy there is no in between

my fans call me daddy and it makes my gf hella mad wtf do i even do?

is love even f***ing real??

"secret love my escape please take me anywhere but here"
^^ Current mood

im crying i want to die this hospital is f***ed

im in the hospital and scared to death

i don't belong in this atmosphere

me and my gf promised never to drink due to us having alcohol problems and she just broke our promise and my f***ing heart

i know i have friends but i feel like i cant talk to anyone bout my problems

Therapist: your kid has this disability

Parent: We will support them no matter what

Kid: my disability makes this situation very hard

Parent: your lazy

Parent: you're immature

Parent: grow up

Kid: I'm hurt and I think what you're saying is abusive


Dear mirror, cant you see what you show is slowly killing me...

Im crying and stressed and vented to my gf and she got offended and now im crying even mre cause she wont answer my texts

my dad and brother raped me as a kid and it still bothers me and my girlfriend doesn't know what do i do

why am i afraid of my weight gaining when im under weight

Im in a long distance relationship and i want her next to me right now its making me depressed but i cant tell her...

sometimes i think i deserve to be happy and then there is moments like rn where i realize i dont

i found out im adopted two days ago and now all im thinking about is how much i wish they would've chosen someone else...

my brother likes to joke and call me f** and gay as a insult but it actually kinda hurts cause i have to hide im actually gay



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