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17 year old Female
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I have the best boyfriend in the world! I want to be a forensic anthropologist. My true dream is to be a singer/songwriter. One day I hope to win the Voice.

Muttrs by sorryfool77

I quite honestly don't feel like I'm getting enough out of my current relationship.
At the moment, we're on a break. I told him I needed time to think. Surprisingly he understood. Last night, I tried to explain to him that I can't handle a long distance relationship because I need to be held, and cuddled especially when I'm depressed, and when he says hes going to move out here after he graduates, its hard to believe him on that. Reason being he has no car, no money, no licen... read more

I've been wondering if I should leave my boyfriend.
I never get to see him and I'm so needy in my relationships. I need to be held, someone to wipe away my tears. I need the physical touch of another person. Being in a long distance relationship is so hard for me. Never getting to see him, its so hard.
I'm just scared he's going to kill himself if I break up with him. I know if he does decide to commit suicide if I break up with him, it won't be my fault. I've known him for a... read more

Why is it that I'm attracted to other people who aren't my boyfriend when I'm in a committed relationship? Is there something wrong with me that I'm I don't know.
For some odd reason being attracted to another person feels like cheating. Which I'd never do. I'm too loyal. So maybe that's why attraction feels like cheating to me...
There's this new guy at school I helped him today cause our Spanish teacher is a b**** and doesn't care to see what you do and don't know as a tran... read more

I've been really depressed and I don't know why...
I have been diagnosed with depression, ptsd, bi-polar, mood-swing disorder, adhd, reactive attachment disorder, and anxiety. It seems like I am happy one moment and the next I feel so empty I don't even know if I'm alive. I can be smiling one second and the next I'm either crying or about to rip someones head off while cussing them out. I hate taking things out on the people i love but i don't know what to do. It's not like I... read more

I got the job!!!!!
I got called in on Saturday, I worked a 4 hour and 15 minute shift. At the end of the shift both bosses said I did really good and they would put me on the schedule for Sunday. I thought since I was training that they'd be there, but instead they weren't. So I guess I did so good that they let my coworkers help train me.
My Dad also works there with me. He's so proud of me, being that it's my first job. Its been a rough couple of years. I got out of foster ... read more

My Dad is a recovering alcoholic. Yesterday we got news that his parental rights to my brother were terminated..
He decided to drink last night and it really bothers me...
Is it really worth losing me too?! I feel like I just want to move in with my boyfriend.He promised on my younger siblings lives that he won't drink again but I don't feel like I can trust him anymore..
WHY do I have to be more mature than you? I'm only 17. You're 46.. You should be mature and make better c... read more

Everyone please wish me luck on getting this job.
I put in my application and resume three weeks ago, and I didn't get a call back. My dad works there and when he asked his two bosses who own the business they said they'd be calling me in for an interview. I really need this job. It's a nice mum and pop's pizza shop a half a block from where I live. I like all my co-workers that I'd have. I'm basically down there everyday anyhow.
Most of the customers are nice. Except there's... read more

I'm so thankful to have my boyfriend. He is my life and my best friend. I could never ask for anyone better. I don't know where I'd be without him. I've known him for so long now. Through everything he's always been by my side to love for me care for me and protect me.
We met many years ago in day care. He's always liked me. I have love him for as long as I can remember. I was always too scared to tell him how I truly felt because I was scared to lose him. Recently I decided ... read more

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