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Why do I always do this to myself? I make original characters, then I never use them for RP or anything! I really need to work on that more.

  • Aug 13
SpatialFLux says

Here’s a rant about the thing that bothered me the most in the last two decades of my life:

PSA: I’m sorry in advance if this offends anyone. It’s not intended to offend anyone, it’s just something that has bothered me and been a festering sore in my mind for the last 20 years. I’m finally venting it out loud.

Please remember that it is not directed at anyone in particular, but if it does affect you in some way and you feel bad… you’re ... read more

  • Feb 24
SpatialFLux says

There used to be this super creepy older guy who, when he saw me out and about on my own, leered and winked at me and followed me around kinda closely... I've even seen him touching himself under the table at a restaurant he followed me into, while staring at me, and I've also had to ask for security in the mall to escort him away from me. I haven't seen him in years, but I don't go downtown or to wal-mart anymore... so I guess that's how I avoid him.

Thinking ba... read more

  • Feb 8