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I'm tired of feeling like being skinny is a bad thing. I'm naturally thin people. What do you want me to do. I can't eat more than I already do, I literally already eat more than people I know that aren't as thin as me. Don't you understand that it hurts my feelings too when you tell me to "eat more"? Believe me when I say eat plenty. Stick a camera in my house, you'll see. It's like saying to a bigger person "eat less". Both are extremely rude.

I hate how society oversexualizes women and I'm sick of it. Restaurants like Hooters aren't helping either. They're essentially exploiting the female body to make a profit. That's not okay.

My boyfriend has the weirdest taste in lingerie. I buy super cute lace bralettes with matching panties and a bunch of other cute sets yet he tells me today that he wants me to wear the underwear that has one string around the hips and one string front to back. Like huh ? Why am I buying expensive stuff when he's way too easy to impress.


I hate school so much. I just despise it and I don't really know why. I'm pushing through college and it's almost summer and I'm so done with it. I've disliked school since I was young enough to remember. I've always been decent in school as far as grades (averaging to a 90) but I just hate school. I have this one memory during the morning back to school after spring break and it was just horrible. I woke up that day and just cried in my bed until I had to get out of bed to g... read more

I'm tired of people complaining about models in the modeling industry. So what if they're skinny, they could be naturally skinny. I'm a size 0 and I don't starve myself in anyway. In fact I'm shoving food in my mouth half the time I'm awake during the day. People gotta stop complaining about what the modeling industry makes them do. If you're not naturally a size 0 then don't go for that kind of modeling. Go for a different type.

I know it's very chivalrous and gentleman-like for you to pay for my meals, and I appreciate it, but please let me pay at least half next time.

It irks me that there are many articles out there targeted to women about what a "man's ideal in a woman is" pertaining to her body shape or size. If you have to change yourself for someone to love you, then that's not who you should want to be with. If a man loves you then he will be accepting of how you are in every aspect. The same applies to women. I'm sick of all these articles about "ideals". There is no ideal. Everyone is unique and special for a reason and the only pe... read more

Why do people call really thin girls anorexic? Is it jealousy or ignorance? I just don't understand how people could be that stupid.

When the traffic light is green to turn left AND the street sign for pedestrians is on the walk sign, who gets the right of way? I'll usually cross first unless some jerk speeds past me before I get to cross.

Some people are just kind of inconsiderate and it irks me. If you do a favor for someone, especially when you go out of your way during an inconvenient time, you should thank them before the favor (when the favor is accepted) and after the favor (when the favor is completed). If someone is going to go out of their way to help you, you could at least show some appreciation. That's all I ask for. A simple genuine thank you, before and after. It's not that hard.

Bikinis these days are so skimpy. I know in general this type of swimsuit is revealing as a whole, but nowadays they're just getting worse. Triangle tops that barely cover anything, thong like bikini bottoms? Might as well go naked. In the future we will probably all go back to being nude.

My cat and dog have such cute little lips and they're so soft. So that made me wonder why animals don't ever get dry lips. Does anyone know why? Because I need a lot of chapstick to keep my lips soft, and still they would never be as soft as my cat and dogs lips.


I hate all these new body trends it's so annoying. Like the whole thick thighs and big butts thing. I can't help that I have thin thighs! It's in my genes. I'm thin but I'm not a twig either. Everyone should be beautiful no matter the size of their assets. WAY TO RUIN YOUNG WOMEN'S SELF ESTEEMS, STUPID BEAUTY STANDARDS.

My life sucks. I have no idea what to do with it and I have no motivation for anything. I just started college and I hate it. I've never been really bad in school but I absolutely hate school. And I don't know what kind of job I'll want in the future either so I don't know what to major in. I just don't like anything at all and I don't know what to do. I'll probably be alone for the rest of my life too. I'm awkward and way too self critical. I don't know where to start. #lost... read more

You know what everyone? I feel like celebrities these day are sellouts. I see all of these beautiful women strutting around in nothing, "embracing their sexuality" and it just gets me ANGRY. That's not feminism. You should be about to feel sexy while being fully clothed. Now that's confidence. I feel like celebrities are so revealing because they just want to flaunt. It has nothing to do with anything else. YES. I GET IT. You're a woman and you like to have sex. But seriously... read more

I hate when bus drivers forget to open the rear doors and you have to yell out "BACK DOORS". It's attracts too much attention

I don't know why but I'm just so awkward around guys. Not all guys, mostly ones that I find attractive. I'm not shallow it's just a natural thing that happens. I feel so intimidated and inferior and I just act so awkward. I wish I could just relax for once. I'm not being conceited or arrogant but I am a good person. I'm nice, have a good sense of humor and just am a good person of heart. I'm not hideous or offensive looking either. I've been told that I'm pretty but as soon a... read more

Why do people laugh at your posts when it's not even meant to be funny? Even if you're telling a heart wrenching story you'll get laughs on it. Not the nicest of communities

I don't know why I'm so jealous of my sister. I can't help it. She's smarter than me and prettier than me. Atleast everyone seems to think so. Even this rude stranger said that she was. It was a creep but that's still a blow to someone's self esteem. If I wore makeup like her maybe people would think I'm just as pretty. Pretty much every guy hits on her. And me? None. I've had girls and women tell me I'm pretty but that's about it. But what makes me even more angry is why sho... read more


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