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15 year old Female
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dont tumble my rocks

Muttrs by zircon

wheres the mehhhhhhh button for when u donno whether to upvote or down

my mom will let me do nearly anything with my appearance like when i shaved an undercut on my hair once
she'll let me do anything but may not like it too much and her expression deep down looks kinda disapproving
my hair has grown out really long and i wanna do it again on one side but idk about seeing her like that again :///

i just love how she gives me the freedom to do that when some parents may not and i'd really like to do it again but idk just her expression kinda irk... read more

i'm completely aware of how embarrassing it may be after a 'phase' such as something like goth style and everything but like im lowkey just thinking of going with the flow and just having fun with it like lmao sorry future me

i havent used headphones after using earbuds for a long time and i have piercing tapers in and so i constantly forget to take them off when i put my headphones on and they both practically shank me on the sides of my head

im close to overweight on a BMI scale and i want to go on a diet but i use eating as a coping mechanism and like. sometimes its most of what i even look forward to during the day :)))))))))))
and im trying to be less reliant and eat different healthier things than what my mom and restauraunts serve
everyone says i look fine but all the weight for some reason misproportionally goes to my torso and nothing else and baggy clothing gives off that illusion of me being fine

ever just yawn so big that it hurts ur jaw
like my friends say it happens to them to but it feels like its not supposed to happen
it feels like my jaw is gonna break off

man i hate sites that don't include a URL image upload option (im glad this one does !!)
my files get cluttered with memes ill probably never use again

can u believe people exist who wanna say mental illness does not exist

yall know that squeak thing guitars do sometimes
sounds nice when people keep it in songs tbh

the feeling of mood dropping literally being able to feel that weight on the chest honestly its so f***ing disturbing as a constant reminder

i bought a new drawing program and it was well worth it and on a sale too but i haaaaaaaate having to get used to new programs when its got all these fancy schmancy options in it

why the f*** does diet coke even exist if its all washed out i'd rather drink water than really watered out coke

"you cant possibly have that many logged hours in that game"

you are like little babby. WATCH THIS

before yall yell at someone for 'spamming' it can be from double clicking and was unintentional, the same exact rant was posted 4 times under a minute ???

nyall everyone bashes on me for still playing pokemon go im just tryna have fun i started since day 1 but i had horrid wifi until like december so im still level 24 and i have lots to accomplish theres even a new gym update everyone quit before gen 2
i guess it just goes to show i truly wasnt some bandwagon trend follower

ever just turn ur volume up for a song that starts off quiet and fading in and it ends up being too loud

i hate when people who owe me money think i'll just f***ing forget because i give them plenty of time to repay me to be nice

my friend just told me dr shrunk from animal crossing has a moustache and it isnt a nose and i cant unsee it now i waNT TO GO B A C K

for the past few days ive gotten on out of pure luck seconds after users get on at different times on somewhat inactive sites
this site being one instance

aw hecc ya muttr updated