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Twinkle twinkle little dick, how i wonder will you grow. Up into the sky so high, like a semen in the sky. Twinkle twinkle little dick grow now, you son of a b****

i make everyone around me miserable without meaning to. rejection sensitive dysphoria as an adhd symptom makes my life a living hell. i can't afford medication, so really its not a question of if i'll off myself, but when

Squirrels should only f*** squirrels and chipmunks should be deported

Y'all have no idea how hot and stuffy my room is. I feel like deaaaattthhhhhh.

Too hot to handle/ too cold to hold!

Just a few more hours of sun& warmth before cold, rain and snow arrive. I am enjoying it while I can :)

Totally tubular

Hi all y'all beautiful people

I still eat my bogies?

Last week it was just 25 degrees fahrenheit now today it's 60 ... wow does the weather change fast!

I got grounded for something a girl did and took the blame for it and it has been a month since I have seen or talked to my friends. And this might not seem bad to you but might I add that I deal with depression and anxiety and being with people is the only happiness I had and now that has been stripped away and I don't know how much longer I can take before everyone forgets about me including myself.

I havent eaten all day and Im starving. Theres nothing in the house to eat so i have to go out to get food. But its pouring rain and the thunder is so bad its shaking my brick house. The weather isnt suppose to lighten up til tomorrow morning. FML

Found out it might be raining when I am supposed to be hanging with my friends outside on that day hopefully not or that would really really suck....

I'm going to kill myself soon. Not yet, I still don't feel quite ready. But soon.

why is it so hot??? are we in hell already?? i didn't get any notifications

Seriously f.u.c.k this g.a.Y a.s s over censored site. So much for venting your anger you little what's the point of allowing to post as an anonymous if you're gonna remove offensive posts?

Anyone who's part of this site should seriously kill yourselves with cyanide pill you lil sjw c.u.n.ts.


Белухин Д.Н. совершил использование заведомо подложного заболевания! он излечил диабет
(Белухин Д.Н.) **** примерно в 23 часа, совершал лечение своего заболевания! путем настройки!

At the witching hour tonight I will cast a spell
to send the whole earth into the abyss!
Now my question is when will that happen
and in what timezone am I in?

The weather is AMAZING here in AZ.