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brush up on your history america
only 77 percent of Americans know we won our independence from Britain
And only 69% knew that was in 1776
Stupid Americans you have no right to celebrate this day!

Fake news that's all you'll find here FAKE NEWS.....

Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy?

My stomach hurts. And it's cold.

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Am I that topsy turvy or does this happen to others??? When I sit down and stay still I get hot. If I move around I cool down...???

Come on somebody dress your five year old like trump and do a youtube video.

Sitting at a table with an order in front of him to sign
Go ahead donald sign the executive order
But I don't want to!
Sure you do donald people will like you for it.
People will like me?
yes all over the world.
OK give it here I want people to like me :)

In a perfect world, there is no war.
Everyone is happy.
No one get sick.
No one grows old.
because everyone exists everywhere
and everyone doesn't exist.

This site is fake news! FAKE NEWS!!!

I wish I lived near the ocean. I love cloudy days and lots of wind and rain. I can't deal with this oppressive heat. It makes me feel dead, I'm constantly trying to rehydrate and I have no energy for anything, I'm always edgy and irritated. Not sure I could afford to live by the coast in my state though.

Woe is me, I'm a lame little duck. won't someone please take care of me? LOL

Trade school is the new university

Breaking news:

The manhunt for flowers have led the police to an open field on a sunny day
where they found a mass grave of men, at least 50 or more bodies
have been found all of which have had their dicks removed and the words
kill men have been incised into all of their chests.

And the manhunt continues!!!

Lightning is a phobia of mine. For that reason i'm scared of thunderstorms. Still when i heard the thunder rumbling in the ditance i thought i'd have enough time to bring the laundry inside before it rains because the wind usually pushes the rain far enough on the balcony to reach it.
So i go, quickly put it all in a basket, turn around and lightning strikes right in front of me.
Fell to my knees, dying of a heart attack and once i could finally catch my breathe i panicked ag... read more

Because he's emotionally stunted.

this site sucks ive submitted like 10 things and no one replies wtf

You are listening to 666 KHELL where all the souls are bloody and tortured.

And your every nightmare comes true!

It's a balmy 110 degrees or for those that want to delude yourselves it's only

43.3 celsius hahahaha

so let's slow down, enjoy the moment, and dance!!!

Randomly just want to cry. Thats cool.


Won't you help keep an endangered species alive?

Don't let pubic lice die out, start growing that hair!

I was watching video of a recipe or something I don't really even remember now but when it was done a video came on about extreme weather in China, like a Tsunami and a bridge was cracking and crumbling to the ground and people were dying in bloody ways. How am I supposed to sleep now after watching that? I eventually had to turn it off.