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Hot weather makes me feel like I wanna take a sh** in the toilets

Finally summer arrives, bet that heatwave hits 30C so I can masturbate almost everyday watching bangros, feels like I'm in Madrid while I'm jerking off to porno

This has to be the saddest boner I've ever had

Could someone please please PLEASE just put a gun to my head and pull the trigger?

I wish to forget EVERYTHING

I could use one good f*** right now

Why have children in Southern California go to school in the hottest month of the year?

You know what's nice, cold beer yeah that would be nice.

i'm too hot
hot damn

and bc i'm so hot you should like f***ing respond to my message bc no hot person deserves to be hot and impatient

I HATE SUMMER. I HATE THE HUMIDITY AND THE HEAT AND THE MOSQUITOES AND THE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS AND THE LINGERING SMELL OF PISS. Does everybody just act like summer is the best season because i can't find a single reason in this entire world to enjoy any part of it. STOP PRENTENDING THIS IS ENJOYABLE. It just makes it even worse because there is so much pressure to have the time of your life every summer. I'm too busy showering all the time in an attempt to feel a little less gro... read more

My mom just asked me how you're doing. She really liked you. I don't have the heart to tell her that we've been as good as strangers for the past year (and counting) and there really is no realistic scenario where we'd again be as close as we were before. It's such a shame but sh** happens. All I can really do now is to deal with the fact that I f***ed up so badly.

I came from the year 2042 and you are all dead and I'm dancing on your graves!

I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday on Memorial Day my city got major floods and that never happens here and I know it doesn't seem like much but we have 12 dead and 12 missing I know it's not news worthy but I knew one of them so it really hurts and I have no one to tell. Sorry if I'm waiting anyone's time

Everyone, we have officially witnessed the human equivalent of spam.
The bored, pathetic, useless internet irritant that wants so badly to plague others lives.
But they don't have the balls to do anything face to face with another human being.
They lack the gumption to do anything interesting or exciting.
Sad, sad lives.

but its night time

this site was made to be a safe haven for people to vent and youre all polluting it with your f***ing potatoes

Writing from Texhoma, which is just a fancy way of saying the Texas/Oklahoma border. We are in severe weather again. Severe storm warnings, which inevitably bring tornado sirens. I've spent longer down in a storm shelter this year than i ever have before and i don't like it. The wind is kicking up so hard right now it sounds like my windows are going to explode. If a tornado doesn't tear the town apart, this flood sure as hell will. I don't believe in god, so i'm not asking f... read more

I stay away because you make me feel so terribly lonely. But of course I can't tell you that...

Does dropping a really huge turd have the same sensation as bumming?