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It's 97 degrees outside and it feels awful and I should wear shorts- I NEED to wear shorts in order to not be sweltering- but I hate my legs so much I can't bring myself to do it.

Scotland, why can't you and the rain part company for a little while and let the sun become your best pal. I know no matter what the weather, you are a beautiful country, but the sun does show off your beauty best of all. Proud of you Caledonia x

I'm so bored and tired, I'm gonna go to bed at 8pm like some old people.

I hate thunderstorms so much. My power always goes out and then I'm bored out of my mind and have nothing to do. I know it won't do anything to get mad because I can't change the weather but I just can't stand storms. Every time it starts raining I get dread in my stomach.

Suggestions for stuff to do with no power, internet too slow to actually use without getting frustrated, no tv, no laptop, in the dark? I'm beat-head-against-wall bored over here.

God dammit, my power's out. It's near hurricane condition outside. I hate Georgia weather.

This storm really needs to pass. My baby is scared of the thunder and is having trouble falling asleep. Im just rocking her in my arms as she cries.

It's too damn hot in South Carolina.
It's only spring time too, so it's going to be hell when summer comes.

I wished I lived in the north.

What's the weather like where yal live?
I'm n tx and its raining

I refuse to let this sh**y / snowy Chicago weather stop me from putting down grass seed.
It's mid spring , screw the weather !!

80s and humid Saturday, stormy as f*** Sunday, snow Monday...f***ing Kansas weather

Stupid focking sh1ta$$ weather! Go away forever, cold weather bulls***+!

Lovely weather if you're a duck or a goose. But I'm not. I'm a people so it kind of sucks! :(

I wish the cold weather will just end already. Spring is supposed to arrive in five days and it's still in the 40s where I live.

Summer weather, Just Say No !

Damn! I just want to see him and be with him and I can't! Damned weather! :(

this weather is stressing me out

I don't know why I have so much trouble with weather. Everyone else says that the weather here is paradise, but every summer I'm just sweating and miserable and exhausted, all day, no matter what I do. I can't deal with the sun, I really can't.

I would appreciate it if the weather got colder.... #Ihatehotandhumidweather