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It's such a pretty day outside. It's warm, it's breezy, there some clouds but not too many and it's nice and sunny.
And I have to spend it inside writing papers.

It's raining, and I hate rain.

is it really May already? doesn't feel or look like summer and somehow we skipped spring...

f***ing high a** polin count. For f*** suck.

"Trump is hinting that he might keep the U.S in the Paris climate change agreement,

but he doesn’t think it currently treats the U.S. fairly."

Is anything any country does, fair to the U.S. according to Trump?

Reading between the lines, it's not fair to the 1%.

hello everyone, see how bipolar Colorado is? it doesn't whack out power but it'll f*** your wifi up.

one of the many reasons why i hate colorado. it's weather is messed up, get this nice three week stretch of hot sunny days where everyone is hitting the lakes and pools and getting tans. then a front moves in and suppose to bring snow up to 3 inches x...x i do not like the snow and snow doesn't like me. it was so nice with the sunny hot weather, able to drive with my windows down and stay out side for long times in the cool night air and feel great. but nooooooooo colorado ju... read more

I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space.

I am essential to creation, and I surround every place.

Who am I?

I need to be left alone. I am an absolute worst anything. I literally cannot funtion. Stupid.
Please can a lightning bolt fry my heart. Please?

Let's tear down a forest and build this...........

China Is Set to Build This Smog-Eating "Forest City"

Filled With Tree-Covered Skyscrapers.

Where's the Lorax when you need him??

The rainy weather always makes me sleepy. It doesn't help that I slept like crap last night. I've had a large coffee and a smoothie and I am still falling asleep at my desk. Send help.

Michael Bloomberg to world leaders: "Ignore Trump on climate change"

The former New York mayor has urged world leaders NOT to follow Donald Trump’s lead on climate change,

and declared his own intention to stave off the “tragedy” that would be the collapse of the Paris climate deal.

Weak. Making me weak. I am weak. Aaaaaagghhhghgghg.

April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain.


I find it so annoying when people - strangers, basically - are like, "oh it's going to be such a nice warm day today, don't you just love this weather?"

Since I rarely bother leaving the house because, gosh, I am depressed af, this typically happens at the grocery store.

And it's fine in and of itself. The people who say this don't mean any harm... in fact, they mean just the opposite: "what a wonderful day! Let's be cheerful an... read more

Deep Thunder, is a weather prediction system created by IBM and processed by Watson.

Deep Thunder can accurately predict weather down to a .2 mile (one city block) radius

using data it collects from smartphone barometers.

With climate change messing up weather prediction,

this could be the meteorology of the near future.

Why oh why do people suddenly text with totally different language.

When there's a school shooting every week

Nice weather we're have'n

so much for the nice morning weather, went from nice and sunny to cloudy as f***. colorado is one bipolar as f*** state

Why is it no matter what happens to me. No matter how sad i get. My parents, friends everyone they do nothing. They abandon me and im starting to sink right now i can feel it. What am i scared of right now, why does it feel like something horrible is going to happen. Why is it everyone wants to belittle my feelings. Why is it strangers treat me with more respect than the people near me. Is it because im too eager to have peoples backs because i know how bad it is to be alone.... read more