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I cant fall asleep.
And i need to stop thinking anyone cares how i think they would care vecause no that is stupid

I have the worst headache

Feeel free to waste my time!!

Not like i plan on killing myself. Right?

I get excited and talk about stuff no one gives a sh** about. And then people get pissed when i dont share whats going on in my life.
See this is why i get sad. I swear if i get all in a muck just because i start thinkinf like this...
Or if i could not get sad when people say they don't care. And like keep going that'd be cool.
Cool new life skill for me!
People only care if your alive not happy. Or maybe im too self centered and get mixed up that people may like to hear what... read more

Idk why i thought i'd be cool with injecting sh** into my bloodstream all for a high

Whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Making it difficult

Also my kidneys are f***ed

I hate the recovery period after suicide and heavy drug use. Because all doctors know and stuff so its just really awkward

I'm not going to get better. Don't have faith in me. Give up and move on. People like me aren't supposed to live long and happy.
I shouldnt have reached out. I was supposed to be dead long ago.
Leave me alone. And don't check back. If its easier i'll leave you a note saying that i left to go follow my dreams. Just forget about me. Nobody here expects me to make a life of myself, theyre just waiting

Apparently bass pro sells guns. And i turn 19 soon. And when i want to i can make it seem like im normal. Then i can just blow my stupid brains out and the world can just keep a flowin'

Hit by a car? f*** or OD. I don't f***ing care. Maybe heroin. f*** i'd judt run off so everyone can forget about me. Plus then no funeral. It f***iing sucks tho because everyones always antsy around drugs and me evwn my pharmacist. f*** off, f*** it. Does not help i got 3 hours of sleep.
Pointless and painful f***ing stupid. And i was going to try and swear less. f*** could i not f***ing exist and just make people forget about me. Its better lol while the happy radio is playi... read more

Actually i should probs stop posting but it has become a habit.

I need to stop

The smell of hairspray while looking up at my mom furiously getting ready. Everyday started out with her mad. Everyone screaming out the door. Bye you stupid b**** they would say.
I forgot how it felt to interact with people ive cut myself off for so long.
Rainy. Its great for reminiscing

I need to directly f*** off. Destination wasteland. I hype up my fears but thats from a lot of stuff. For a while now i've wanted to cut off my tongue. But thats not enough. I need to figure out something else

Thank god the weather temperature went down and hopeful we can sleep better tonight

f***ing Global Warming man... :( Like what is there to do.

S'cuse me i no longer do drugs. Except socially

Tornado catagory F6

Why Is Michigan bipolar? I swear it's 85 degrees one day and the next is 45 and raining

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