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Never met an Indian that celebrated thanks giving have you?

Tsunami alert in Japan. East side, Fukushima.
We have relatives living in Sendai.
It's morning there, and midnight here.
I am NOT going to sleep tonight.

It barely f***ing rains in California

Man winter sucks. It takes ~20 mins for me to drive to work, so I thought 30 mins would be sufficient cuz ive been doing that in the last couple of months. Then this morning I found my car was covered in a layer of ice....ughh

i'm hungry and i'm g**d*** cold. it could be 92 degrees and i would be cold.

Critical thinking the other national deficit!!!

the ax forgets, the tree remembers

Clinton could still win
Trump won 290 of the so-called electoral votes, in the race to get a minimum 270.

However, members dont officially cast their ballots until December 19, which has Trump opponents making long-shot efforts to reverse the outcome, including petition drives to get the electorates to switch their votes.

The largest effort is through the website Change()org, which as of Saturday has about 3 million signatures, getting closer to its goal of 4.5 million.

Pe... read more

Was planning my suicide for tomorrow, but it seems to be going awry. It'll likely be too rainy and too early in the morning for the things to go smoothly.

Question: don't birds sleep at night? Birds like pigeons and... well, any bird that's not nocturnal birds?

I've been depressed all day thinking about the Trump win,
I was sooooo sure Hillary had it wrapped up.
I'm actually crying now, have been off & on all day!
Need to suck it up & get on with things.
Somehow it will all work out

It's barely 3 pm (15:00) and it feels like the sun is setting. Who's idea was it to turn the clock an hour back so f***ing early?

Also that name, isn't an abbreviation?

I hate when I miss a spot shaving

Can we go back to past please? No one asked you to see those stash.

Ok hah the weather is hot by this fire. Im wearing my black wedding dress, my .75 cent ring, and an old ladies pair of sox. A recliner is calling my name, but a colony of bed bugs are lurking and screaming for me to come closer. Kinda like a wicked witch. Im pmsing this night and hoping a littld "venting" will deter me from ugly. Gosh i hope so

My room is freezing why does it have to be so cold :(.

I'm seeing happiness in cloudy days also, silly, but meaningful. I used to get lots of winter blues. But now, I'm just fine

hopefully you will freeze to death

I cant wait til winter and christmas time