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It's f***ing HOT tonight. I hate the heat. Need winter back.

Yeah. Im going to die alone because im going to kill myself before anyone has the displeasure of getting to know me.
f***ing dunce bag

sometimes i just want to kill myself because i just can't imagine anyone bothering to manage to even give the slightest sh**.
Od and stab myself? Oooh maybe. I can directly f*** right off piece of f***ing slice of donkey a**.
f*** okay let me just fit into my schedule when i want to stab myself.

I'm a lama. Because i want people to care but no im a lama why would people care about a lama. Insignificant piece of sh**

Im not going to lie to myself saying you care when i know you don't. What just to be happy?
Id rather live a depressing life than a lie.
Nothings changed except me i just realized i have not in fact improved. And no one would care anyway.

Who cares right?

And now i don't know what to think.

I've wanted to almost die again.
I like the feeling, anxiety, crushed soul sadness, its addictive.
I. V. S hooked up to my hands so i can't rip them out. Better than most drugs. Plus the lonliness. No one visits. I get to walk alone in my ward.
I'm easily replaced loads of people have done it.
And its not like i care either.
I feel completley empty and the encironment matches.

Maybe i want to fall over the edge just one ... read more

just when i'd thought the weather wouldn't rain today i left my trucks back window open about an inch. but nope it rains and hails and lucky for me it didn't get any serious wet, just a few drops got in


it turned dark outside faster than my own soul...
good job mother nature

It's 90+ degrees outside and I have no AC in my car. Not looking forward to going to my doctor's appointment & running errands today.

the weather is good, isn't it?

It's a beautiful rape day

It was so nice out two days ago, almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but today was cold. God spring is so contradicting.

*** This is an emergency broadcast. This is not a drill. The following instructions are vital to your safety: ***

Close and secure all possible entrances to your home.

Switch off all lights.

Remain silent at all times.

Do not look out of the window.

Do not respond to any knock on your windows or doors until the "clear" announcement is given.

Do not attempt to interact with anyone outside of your home.

Do not attempt to investigate any noise which emanate from outside y... read more

"The calm before the storm" is such bulls*** m. As someone with severe storm trauma, the time before the storm is so much worse than the actual storm nine times out of ten. Everything is silent and still and there's no birds or bugs or wind, no squirrels scurrying up trees or dogs barking. It's weird and alien and absolutely not calming.

I finally had to turn on the AC. It was 79 degrees in the house, and for some reason that feels a lot warmer inside than it does outside. Not looking forward to the huge bills over the summer.

It's such a pretty day outside. It's warm, it's breezy, there some clouds but not too many and it's nice and sunny.
And I have to spend it inside writing papers.

It's raining, and I hate rain.

is it really May already? doesn't feel or look like summer and somehow we skipped spring...

f***ing high a** polin count. For f*** suck.

"Trump is hinting that he might keep the U.S in the Paris climate change agreement,

but he doesn’t think it currently treats the U.S. fairly."

Is anything any country does, fair to the U.S. according to Trump?

Reading between the lines, it's not fair to the 1%.