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I havent eaten all day and Im starving. Theres nothing in the house to eat so i have to go out to get food. But its pouring rain and the thunder is so bad its shaking my brick house. The weather isnt suppose to lighten up til tomorrow morning. FML

Found out it might be raining when I am supposed to be hanging with my friends outside on that day hopefully not or that would really really suck....

I'm going to kill myself soon. Not yet, I still don't feel quite ready. But soon.

why is it so hot??? are we in hell already?? i didn't get any notifications

Seriously f.u.c.k this g.a.Y a.s s over censored site. So much for venting your anger you little what's the point of allowing to post as an anonymous if you're gonna remove offensive posts?

Anyone who's part of this site should seriously kill yourselves with cyanide pill you lil sjw c.u.n.ts.


At the witching hour tonight I will cast a spell
to send the whole earth into the abyss!
Now my question is when will that happen
and in what timezone am I in?

The weather is AMAZING here in AZ.

What would you do if walking down an alley one night
you found trump lying on the ground calling for help?

I'm a coward and I will admit it, because if I weren't I'd go to change org
and file the following petition

We the Citizens of the United States of America
having a strong sense of ethics and honor
do hereby petition the Congress of the United States
to make it incumbent on themselves to investigate
the fact that the 7 countries left off the Muslim ban
are countries President Trump has business ties to
including Saudi Arabia where twelve of the hijackers
on 9/11originated fr... read more

Hi! Im Larry, the shivering chipmunk. BRR! Im cold, i need a sweater.

Absolutely loving the rain, whoo hoo, California is almost out of the drought.

Rain is a blessing. Just not when it's pouring, at night, with half-erased road lines and zero visibility and I almost f***ing hit a traffic island with a g**d*** traffic sign on it.

when you search “a**h*** ”—as well as “fascist,” “bigot,” and “racist”—on Twitter,
the first result is the account of none other than our president, Donald J. Trump. Sad!

It started hailing on my way home today. But it was okay because my boyfriend was there so he took most of the damage

dear rain,
go away, nobody wants you here dude

I kind of regret rejecting this guy. We only got to know each other for a month and only went on one date. I felt that our personalities were too similar (although he is more talkative than me) and our conversations were too boring; so I ended it when he texted me after our first date and felt relieved for a while until he replied with a romantic text. He was really nice to me from day one so I feel really bad afterward. I regret not giving us more time to get to know each ot... read more

I feel ignored.

i think i have a phobia of rain??? because i always freak out whenever it's raining. like right now. it's so heavy, asdfghjkl guysss i'm dying

Every time someone laughs, I think they're laughing at me.