Reminded my co-worker that I was done with my duties and projects in the office and with no scheduled clients for the day, I was going to call it quits early. I had told her yesterday evening and again this morning. Twice she said that was fine with her. She innocently asked me later in the day...actually she texted me (wonder why)... if she can go home early, not even referring to my earlier request, like it never happened. Most people would say, "Can I leave early today? I know you had told me you wanted to leave early but I've got something to do later today..." If she had said this, the situation would have been okay. I confronted her. She said she doesn't recall me saying that to her. She then gave me her usual bright smile, got into a teasing body stance and said that if things weren't written in bright letters stuck to her computer screen, she forgets. She quickly changed the subject and tells me that she just loves my "fantastic" looking nails. ARGHH!!! I'm frustrated. She did something similar to me last week too. (FYI - We get paid by the hour, no commission or salary and are allowed to leave early if one person stayed behind to close the office at the end of the day. I work Admin but because I've been with the company the longest, I wear many hats - HR, Accounting, Sales, Client Disputes, Tech. She works in Sales. Most outsiders think I have seniority over my co-workers but I don't feel that because our company is so small, I consider them my co-workers, as team members. I work HR, so I know the gap in our is not even that significant. It's not about the money.) SO, what did I end doing. I gave her my usual pleasant smile and told her that it was fine if she wanted to leave early. Whenever she is confronted with criticism or doing something she shouldn't, she gives us a big smile, puppy eyes and says that she wouldn't do something like that...and quickly change the subject. I'm tired of her doing that. She's a fantastic co-worker (builds a great relationship with clients), the only thing that I would like her to work on is humility. She needs to own up to mistakes and take healthy criticism. We don't do it to be mean, but so that she can grow to be a team player. COME ON. I told her TWICE. She responded to me twice. You think she would remember. But to tell me she didn't recall me saying that, it is a blatant lie. What if she told clients something that we actually couldn't do for the client. She has on a few occasions actually under quoted pricing to our clients. I've corrected her on it and told her to watch herself the nest time. She gives me some lame excuse. If it was a couple of offenses, fine. But to do it more than 3 times, misquote, that again is another no-no in my book. Instead of asking me for assistance in the matter, she gives me an excuse. I even asked her if she needed help finding the pricing guide book. I know she wants to be like me, where I pull the numbers out of my head... but she has to remember that I've been here for a while now, I've memorize them. It's okay to pull out the pricing manual. Clients will not think less of her. I won't think less of her. Our boss wont' think less of her. It's our business's reputation on the line. This is a young company and I take great pride in being part of this company. I just hope that she learns to accept good criticism as a healthy thing for her to grow into her position. She also needs to freakin owe up to mistakes. I have and it feels better to owe up to them, learn from it, and never do it again. No one is perfect!!! Still, I can't believe she said she couldn't remember I had told her I was leaving early.