I work as a cashier in my family's fast food business. And today a customer came in to order food that was worth £7. So when he paid, he gave me a £10 note, and i don't know if he purposely or deliberately dropped a 2pence coin on the counter, in which i just ignored it because i thought he did it accidently and would pick it up. So i just took his £10 note, and proceeded to give him his change back which was £3 coins change, and also picked up the 2pence coin that i saw which was still on the counter and gave it back to him. When i gave him his change, he said that i gave him less change back and that he gave me a £10 note and £2 coins, so £12 altogether because he wanted change in a £5 note. So i said "no sir you gave me a £10 note and you dropped a 2p coin on the counter, i never recieved £2 coins". And he basically accused me of lying and trying to scam him. Obviously my mother saw that there was an altercation and came over to ask what happened, and i explained to her. Since my mother is not the type to argue, especially over such a small anount of money and she cares about her business reputation, she gave him a £5 note back, to try and diffuse the situation. It was a very busy night with a lot of customers as well. As the man was putting the £5 note back in his wallet, he said to me "Don't try to lie to me" in the most horrible tone ever and in a way that he thought he had won in the situation. So that comment flicked a switch in me and my mind went blank, i swear i could see satan enter my body. I cussed him out so badly, i could not control my words or actions. Because i hate being wrongly accused, since i know that he was the one lying. i was so ready to beat him up i swear to god i was sooo mad. I took money out of the cash machine, threw it at him and told him that it's going towards his funeral. I'm quite ashamed that i reacted in such a bad manner i was not raised to cuss people out or have violent actions. But i don't know how to control myself. What would you guys have done if you were in my shoes?