I get a part time job, all I asked (more than once) was a regular schedule. NOPE. Got scheduled full-time and the most f'd up bizarre schedule EVER. Scheduled for 3 hours mid-day on f-ing Mother's Day last week and every time I see a new schedule it's day shift then next day closing the next day early shift then they have the balls to ask me to work other locations (and I always have said yes) Some part-time job. Idiots can't keep anyone and wonder why people who have worked there are so negative. The workers they have kept they talk bad about and reprimand all of the time..being available to work at any time DIDNT MEAN work me whenever, where ever you feel like playing schedule twister, b****! Get a clue! And the whole company needs to actually EACH do the menial jobs BEFORE they run their gators about criticizing pee-ons! Their H.R. Guy has since day one been talking to me about his penis and sex life and they are so lucky I let it go! He's a sexual harassment case just waiting to happen! Their company director also needs a lesson in communication as well. He has been there 15 years. I am sorry, but when you belittle an employee who is handling upwards of $5000 of your cash on a daily basis it's just best to be polite! He was so busy ragging me on the phone about being ignorant about a procedure(which I had only done twice) he failed to see how simple it would have been to just walk me thru the three lines and find the info he wanted faster. He was also curt as if I had done him some huge inconvenience by calling him, yet it was required I do! These people are also so busy using threats and scare tactics they don't actually see the real problems with their "lost inventory" half of which I would bet my life isn't actually stolen it's not rung up correctly and isn't being counted when brought by vendors. They also shouldn't promise raises then blow it off. Seems like too much stress and too much bs for a simple part-time job which I might add isn't very safe either considering the meth heads and dealers hanging out around there at night. I work really hard there, not just standing around like an idiot and it's too bad but I seriously want to quit! I know this much, that ANY low-level job you hire someone in should actually be done by the bosses FIRST because it certainly would help their teaching/communication all around. #douche