Sexism still exists in the workplace. Just put in my two weeks notice! I have a BA, working an entry level banking job and find out that a male co-worker, who has a level above me job, who was promoted 1 year ago, actually doesn't even have any experience at all before he was promoted. He was also straight out of college like me. Unlike me, he only worked in the organization for 2 months while I had been working there for 1 year at the time he was promoted. He has the same credentials as me!!! Someone had quit at our branch, and he was working at a different branch. Upper management pulled him in and offer him the position on the spot. I asked if he had any internships or other experiences in the financial or banking field before he worked for the bank...he said no. Upper management, all male, invited him to go golfing so he went golfing with them a few times!!! He said that's really how he got the job offer/promotion. I looked around and I realize that out of the 20 upper management positions, only three are held by females who came into the organizations from other financial institutions with an already high level position. The women that I worked with, in our entry-level positions, have been in their positions for 5-20 years and have not once been offered to move up the ladder the way he was. When people think sexism doesn't exist, think again. Why do you think only woman are bank tellers? Anyone in the finance industry know that careers and business dealings are done on the golf course.