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My husband and I have been try to find work in the IT field we get the interviews just rejection letters. It's like f*** what the point in the degree. we even have certs but damn...

I hope the people at this meeting are nice to me. Be nice to me! It's my first time...

I was feeling sorry for myself but then it all changed. Amazing what a simple hello how are you can do for someone

Ugh, I don't want to go to this meeting!!! But I'm forcing myself to go for the greater good. That's what it is about, not simply me.

I need to head to a meeting in about an hour and a half for work. I don't feel like going. I was notified of it at such a late notice. I hate when things pop up like this. I never been to the meeting before so I'm nervous as to how things will turn out. I wonder if I'll be asked tough questions or put on the spot a lot. I don't have this big plan of how my unit should move forward with the other. I just want things to turn out well. And hopefully it won't take long. I'm shoot... read more

I know I'm supposed to work, but I'm just too damned depressed. Yes, clinically. Yes, I have taken my meds. And while I'm at it, I'm kind of grumpy, too. So pass the coffee and say nothing. Thanks.

my boss didn't contact me about shifts until a few days before an appointment, and then i'm travelling a few days later

im so worried that if i ask for days off she'll get mad, but I thought she wouldn't give me any shifts next week because it's so last minute - should I just ask?

being super unproductive and im just DONE WITH MYSELF

I'm glad I actually enjoy my job and I don't work at a pizza parlor that gives my skin a hard time and is full of negativey like you losers. Just because I'm freelance...does not mean my job isn't "real." Perhaps you're just jealous that I make more money than you and don't dread what I do. So f*** you.

I'm bored out of my little mind

Please pray they call me back for an interview please

Any lawyers on here? (Please be honest)

b**** better have my money

For the last six months, I've worked closely with a business partner. Just before hitting the market, he tells me I'm doing things wrong and that I am clueless. Turns out, he took a job with another company and didn't want to tell me the truth.

Now my business is in shambles and I am stuck cleaning up the mess.

f*** that guy.

When the publisher didn't think rejecting you once was enough so they send you that dreaded email twice...
#Author #MyRecordsAreBetterKeptThanYours

feeling very overwhelmed but thankful for understanding bosses

Thinking about all the attention I'll get when I become a stripper

I have to be a different person for 40 hours a week. Today I had to not stab an annoying Evangelical know it all at work who tells me how I should raise my kid. I spent part of my drive home screaming at her alone in my car.

The shaft of my giant cock shall be converted into an underground subway system.
See, I'm not all that selfish.

Customer won't take no for an answer? Find the eldest person in the office with the biggest f*** you attitude, hit transfer, and grab the popcorn.