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My manager does all the work the cashiers are supposed to do then when we sit down or are doing nothing for all of 10 minutes BECAUSE THERES NO MORE WORK FOR US TO DO atm, he stares at us then walks away. As if to give a silent warning that "youre on my potentially fired list" type thing. Its so f***ing stupid. I cant work in these conditions, constantly walking on eggshells. Ughhh I love my other manager though. He lets us take mini-breaks and he shares the work and he laugh... read more

My annoying coworker plays too much its like hes trying to get me fired or something. He was playing with the stapler and aiming it at me and launching the staples at me as if he's in grade school, while I was trying to stock the inventory. Well, he is 17 and still in high school but as soon as I get away from him he gets caught playing with it and then blames me saying "she had it".. Like the child that he is. I'm just trying to work. Leave me alone please.

dear mr stephen campbell: please stop showing us ur arrogant look. it makes u totally look like a drug addict. beats me that a man making minimum wage always think of himself so highly and walk around like a rooster. just stop.

I need to keep my rent under $600. I don't know what I'm gonna do, I can't handle a second job right now.
Please let this month pay off. Please.

Today I talked to my manager a little bit about the minimum wage going up through 2020. She looked put off and mentioned that it would mean that we'd get fewer hours...b****, you think I mind spending less time in that damn store for the same amount of money? Lmao kiss my a**.

People are always I'm sh¡tty moods on Mondays. I'm just trying to do my job people. f*** off.

I need a f***ing job before fall semester starts!!!!

Pretty sure my coworker is trying to aggravate me by loudly smacking his lips when he takes a sip of coffee. 😡#MisophoniaProblems

Assessment tests are sh**.

Obviously there's a set way to answer they that want you to do despite their insistence that they want you to answer

But the only way you know how to answer is either having worked there before or having experience somewhere else. If you're brand new and trying to find a job you soon get beat down by the realization that unless you become a f***ing mind reader you're gonna keep failing them.

It's ridiculous how dependent hiring are getting in the... read more

I left my allergy meds at home, and am contemplating a sick day to go get them and not come back. :)


Such a bad day at work today, I don't know if I should just forget it or keep blaming myself for not doing my best

Ya douches gave me an idea for a novel. It's going to be called #InLoveWithAFurry


I do not understand why no one is calling me back for a job? I feel like my interviews go great and i have really good answers for their questions and my work ethic is amazing like I really want to work...

I just think you all should know that "Biting Duck Press" is a real thing!


#Carpe diem
#number 4 metastatic
Minus alphas and ends?
If you understand any of this join my charity, the gift of the giving tree. Alive. One rainbow to rule all love. Without they Grey's and greedy needy uncreative people who sold their emotions to higher their i.q. out of greed of having to know every question instead of seeing the rainbow for what it is. Love of life. Restore the rain bow.
Support amber Konkler go fund me. Skip the sob story. Now tak... read more

Charity that is a school of this website? Hate your job? Stoo complaining. No one can understand you if you give your talent away for free. Money talks. Lets stop paying for harvard lawyers to cheat thrpugh life! Support my charity. The only one i know of, that is already started but looking for actors, not liars. The real true art of maya. School with only one rule? The gold one? To each his own? Sound like your school. Support my charity stop giving art away for free. Let s... read more

So the topic is 'work'. I'm here to tell you about an incident that HAPPENED at my work. To clarify I am a server at a senior assisted living place. There are 2 buildings, one is the 'independent' type of building, where the condos are and such, but the other building is where the Alzheimer's/Dementia residents live where they need 24 hour care (it's super sad in that building but they're all much nicer). Anyway, I was working lunch over there last week with my co-worker who'... read more

Prayers I get called for the job, please

If I was a business that was looking to hire kitchen staff and a potential employee that was disabled on a wheelchair came to apply, if they clearly are not competent due to their disabilities would I be breaking the disability discrimination act if I rejected their application based on this matter?