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customer, after her daughter got a diet coke: can i get a regular coke

me: yeah sure *grabs pump*


me: um,,,, yes that what im pouring you????


so apparently this lady thinks that restaurant have different pumps for every type of beverage instead of one with, get this, buttons for different beverages on it 🙄

I wish work was something I enjoyed.

"Just going to check my emails and I'll be with you" - sits on Facebook for 15 mins.

I work in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and I was recently assigned a new case. The client's mom has tons of toys so I done hqve to take anything. I have to read to the client and one of the books I have read was 5 little monkeys and the cat in the hat. I read the five little monkesy in a song since it's a little kid book. With the cat in the hat I read in a diffetone of voice when I read the cats or fish parts. The clients mom told me I was treating her son "l... read more

It is a BAD idea to go from no work for months to a full 40+ hour work week at a highly mentally/physically demanding job working 8 hour shifts on your feet with no breaks.

Medical field. I haven't had a sip of water, used the toilet, or eaten a thing within those working hours- and aside from the last 5 mins of the day to type a quick note (off the clock because productivity is god of keeping your job) I haven't even sat down.

I'm going to sleep all day Sunday because they... read more

This is my situation. I work in a factory and my position is a floor leader. Now i started out as a temp worker i had to work 4 months before i got hired in, now i worked 3 and quit because for 1 I bust my a** hard i showed i was dedicated to the company & they didnt hire me in early and 2 i found another job, so i get laid off the other job and that factory took me back so i got hired in and the supervisor wanted me as his floor leader but they didnt want to because i only h... read more

Why is everyone congratulating you on your new job? It's your 3 or 4th new job in the last 12 months. Why isn't anyone asking why you can't stay employed? And none of these jobs are are a step up, it's the same skill level as before. What gives?

I have another interview but I feel like what's the point in going to get another rejection or someone else getting chose over me

Microwave Fettuccine alfredo is a no

The options are endless yet not which is weird

I'm surrounded by 10,000 people who want to live on SPEAKER PHONE.

I'm feeling very frustrated. With a lot of things, but with work currently. Feel a bit cheated in life to be honest, having fallen under the trap of "go to uni, study hard, and you'll get a good internship and then a graduate job". bulls***. I believed in the notion of working hard academically all the way from school to uni and becoming a physicist. Nope, got slapped in the face by reality instead with increasing student debts, soaring house prices, and working in the reside... read more

If you want to develop a deep and abiding hatred for people, work in a public library.

I'm too lax for this job haha

As someone who works with and deals with children, they are all really weird. Each child I work with is their own different type of crazy.

Oh, what's this? An open job that I might be qualified for? Let me just scroll down to see how much experience you want and--

35 YEARS MINIMUM? don't actually want anyone to apply. Gotcha.

Constantly getting rejected. I keep telling myself if it's a no that means a better yes Is down the road, I'm trying so hard to get no where I have one interview left and if that doesn't work out idk what I'm going to do...
Give up maybe

That job interview yesterday was the biggest joke he wasted my time he didn't ask any questions and his one question was do you know what the chicken dance is would you be willing to do it? Like wtf does that have to do with the job. Then he goes on to say well I have no positions. Like okay??? I just left. Made me feel like sh**

Thinking about walking away from the public sector. I've only been here a short time but I'm so fed up with the idiocracy. They don't fire incompetent people!!! Just as long as the person is doing something, they get paid the salary of their position. Arghhh! So frustrating. An upper manager assistant is only doing 50% of their job. Instead of making the person do the other half, the big boss has additional clerical staff to do what the assistant is not doing or wanting to do... read more

the other night a late middle-aged man wouldn't stop harassing one of the waitresses

he's back here today bitching and complaining about his wife (pretty harshly as well) to his friend

guess who's finding out that her husband harasses underage girls and also hates her