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I hate my job, I worked so hard to get here gave up everything just get a foot in the door (and it's f***ing hell).

1. I only have a job there because half the people quit and no one else wanted it!

2. I am the newest so everyone tells me what to do, and they all want me to do it their way. K says do it this was, T says do it this was,I says do it this was but ask t or K first..... And since one of the people who quit wa the supervisor there are floats who come up from anot... read more

Rant. I'm not happy in my job at all, though some would say it's a fantastic job (especially for someone my age). I feel like nothing I'm doing in my career is making a difference in the world. I want to quit and move somewhere entirely different. People thing I'm absolutely crazy, because I talk about moving so much. I've moved in the past when I got sick of my city, and I'm desperate to do it again. Only thing is I have friends, family and a relationship here. At the same t... read more

I'm so done with job searching. Two months of being jobless and constant searching and nothing. A company I was pretty confident in never answered my follow up email after my second interview. I'm also done with my fiance, I GET IT, I need to find a job ASAP!!!! I already feel more depressed each day I don't get a call, I'm literally glued to my phone just waiting. Every time I tell me to get a job in that nasty tone, I want to cry and punch you in the face. I'm trying and fe... read more

Current mood: browsing the ALA Joblist for openings in the Northwest, and saying "f*** you" whenever a job asks for experience I don't have.

I'm never going to get a job and progress I might as well just give up and accept that already

It's surprisingly hard to kill your self ain't nothing easy in this stupid life. Next time use a rope or become a vigilante and take out some bad guys with you

My buddy from high school: "Well I spent the early 2000's as a wrestler in a sh**-kicker semi-pro wrestling federation, then worked the electronics section at Wally World for three years until I got canned for stealing cellphone accessories."

[Big Box Store X]: "We'll give you $15 an hour PLUS commission to sell cellphones for us and send you to Dallas for a week of training on our dime!"

My wife: "I'm a licensed massage therapist with a $20,000 education, a clean record an... read more

Does anyone just wish that something semi-horrible would happen to them so that they wouldn't have to go to work?
I sure as hell do

I'm chill when I'm leaving a message for the place I want to work at but they instant they call me back I'm just like "HI, YES, THAT IS ME, PLEASE ACCEPT MY AWKWARDNESS AND PARTIAL EXPERIENCE, I IS GOOD WORKER."

Gotta love it when you have such bad anxiety that you can't even call in and see if you're working today because you don't know exactly what to say

I just had my coworker tell me "my kind" should be laid off as we do not have real responsibilities like kids. Apparently work ethic and quality don't matter if you are gay. I'm to just take "one" for the team so my lazy coworker can say employed to provide for his kids although all he does all day is play Pokemon GO.

Crying before a phone interview because I'm a pathetic whiny loser. 'Give specific examples' like I've ever done anything in my life that wasn't totally mediocre.

Can I go back to bed yet?

I had to ask this over here because I don't know whom to ask without getting judged for lack of Math skills >.> So I'm doing an online internship and they told me in the internship letter that my joining date was 30th Jan. My first assignment, however, was given to me on 11th Feb only. And my first stipend was credited to my account on 18th March. So should I consider that stipend to be the payment for 1st of Feb to 28th of Feb, or 11th of Feb to 11th of March? So the amount ... read more

So during my 10 min work break, im outside of the store where i work.....
Boss comes out of tje store to tell me what im doing AFTER MY BREAK......REALLY? I CANT HAVE 10 MINS TO MYSELF?.....GRRR, NOTE TO SELF, WIN THE LOTTO.

Ive been feeling so stressed and I really want to take some weeks off work but I dont know if I will be allowed :/ nhs

I'm having an affair with my coworker. Every Tuesday & Thursday the other people in our office have an offsite meeting so he and I go in the supply room and have sex while they are gone. It makes work much more fun :)

So for the last hr, ive had to stock products in the store with a guy off his meds, talking to himself, with a mild case of turrets. He is in a mental loop, keeps repeating same conversation over and over.

The drama continues lol..

There is a woman at work who is really annoying! First off, we work in an office full of low wall cubicles which means that it's easy to hear someone else's conversation unless they are talking super low. When someone says something around this particular co0worker that I happen to sit near she always jumps in the conversation to give her two cents. She reminds me of a child who wants attention when the adults are talking and keeps jumping in to say the stupidest things. I ca... read more

I don't understand why some people think it's okay to distract a dog when they're obviously a service/working dog ? I've had so many people tell me sh** like "he's a dog, so i should be able to pet it if i want to." ... NO ????
First things first, he's MY dog, I ALONE am his owner and he will only take orders from me. Because he respects me and I respect him. Because we're partners.
Secondly, as part of the security staff, my dog is with me to protect me and help me stop "cri... read more