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TFW you're so desperate for someone to love your book you kind of want to leave it on a park bench and see what happens next.
#author #PleaseLoveMyBaby

spliff it's himbos that's the pro emblem through eye will sever his penis foreskin c** pleat lee.

I had to write subtitles for a thing before, and I STILL haven't got around to doing any more of it. can anyone give me some motivation or something?

Oye, if you're going to join an author group try Author's Voice. A group of us met on Where Authors Begin and broke off into our own group. We also need more members.

#Author #Unite!

Apparently I had been warned back in March to stop promoting... Yeah... Nah. Don't remember. Doesn't mean it didn't happen. Although I'm lettin' it out on muttr, your author's group is just a sliver of the pie that is my career. It's not even it's own sliver! ...It was just my favorite molecule of that sliver...

#Author #ActingLikeAShittyHumanRN

Uh, yeah, how can I not tell you about my book? It's like, 80% of my life.


How am I going to be an author and not promote myself? Uh, you do understand this is the entertainment industry, right? If it's working for me it might work for you too. You're welcome.


I just handed my notice of resignation to my boss. In one month I'll be running my own business! Im so terrified i might vom.

To all the facebook author groups out there:

Do you not realize promotion and reading are two parts of being an author? If you can't sell you're book you're not going to be a successful author. If you can't read a book you're not going to be a good writer.

#KickedOut #Author #disgruntled

My boss owns the company. It is a very small company with only 7 employees. He only works at most 40 hours a week. He is always late in turning things in and loses work and gets fines because of it. But he never works more than 40 hours a week. There are many other complaints I have about him too but that would fill an entire book. He is leaving for a two week vacation at the end of this week and there is a ton of things that need his attention but he is spending his time sho... read more

I don't want to call in sick but I may have to because I didn't call in sick one time and I was miserable

This is a very difficult decision


Yo, if you've never worked in retail let me just remind you that your servers are human. YOUR CASHIERS ARE HUMAN.
If we're interacting with you too much, don't snap at us and call us names; we don't enjoy bothering you while you shop, our bosses LITERALLY MAKE US. If we don't approach you, they give us fewer hours.

Why does rejection hurt so much...?

That sucks a**... I was kicked out of one of my favorite author groups on Facebook...

I start my first job tomorrow, so i can help out my parents and stuff. My mom lost her job a few years ago due to a knee problem and hasn't been able to find work, so when i turned 16, i immediately started looking. When my mom first lost her job, we were barely able to eat, my dads income paid bills and occasionally bought food if we were lucky, other than that we had to wait for child support to pick up the necessities. I don't want it to be like that again, i don't want to... read more

Man if I could get payed to scream at people

I'm so frustrated right now. I know I should have thicker skin but really, I don't tolerate people who directly disrespect me and no one should have to deal with disrespect like that. I was just hired at this new job I'm working at and this female co-worker called me a sad little b**** for constantly following "this guy" and always in his face and talking to him. Little does she f***ing know, "this guy" is my boyfriend of three years and was the one who helped me get into the... read more

I have anxiety and have only ever worked part time. I'm looking for full time jobs now but am nervous about managing it. The only times I've had full time jobs were temporary and I had a hard time coping with the long hours and the fact that I lived my life around work rather than working around my life. I hope I can adapt but it's scary.

And, true to Monday tradition, my wonderful coworker's have left me to cover the desk by myself. FML.