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If you have to look at pictures of a place and wonder if you'd be happy there, the answer is probably no. Right?

How do you compliment people who's work is bad? I teach art classes and often my clients come out with pieces that are downright bad or something they weren't aiming for. I think art takes time and no one gets a perfect result from only a few tries! How do I compliment their work regardless and lift up their spirits ?

There is no reason why anyone should treat you like sh**! Especially at work! I have been yelled at, sworn at and told that I shouldn't even be in a job. At the end of the day, I am the same level as you, I am still human, and you have no f***ing right to treat me like garbage. f*** you. You know who you are! And same goes for anyone else who thinks they are better than anyone else. If you think you are privileged enough to bully another person, go f*** yourself! You are a pi... read more

A customer comes in after closing and has me price two dressers. I decline his offer since both items were on sale and get the " Do you know how much I buy speech." No big deal, he's still relatively friendly in spite of the boasting. We continue talking about other stuff, I give his wife a free set of curtains, and he leaves.

I find out later that he bashed me to other workers. He said "he let me walk over $14, and " He let $14 stand in the way of making a deal." Well, it w... read more

I HAVE to get this off my chest. My coworker David is so smoking hot, I can't help but to think bad things about him all of the time. He has to know I like him - it's always so easy for me with men. This man though, he makes me turn into a wreck. I can't articulate or flirt for the life of me. Not only is he a babe, but I truly enjoy his company and his personality. He's a tiny bit older than me, but I like the salt and pepper in his hair.

I f***ing suck I'm so bad at keeping up with my responsibilities and I feel like such a dumbass when I'm scrambling to fix things at the last minute because I forget about stuff all the time and/or put things off waaaayy too long and people are relying on me but I just keep f***ing up and I hate it. I can't rely on myself. 😡😖 #vent #angryatself

I'm so tired. I just want to sleep. But I have to go to work...seriously so tired.

Like Hello? You are complaining to me that your fling with our coworker did not give you enough good sex? And his dick really satisfied you but he was seeing other people and just not horny enough for you? And you expect me to be like "Oh you poor thing"? I respect you as a friend but seriously... this is the most stupid conversation I have ever had.

Want to do things but at the same time my mind holds me back and down telling me to wait until later

hip hop stinks and google should be ashamed to notice it exists

After years of working in the service industry, I can say that no matter the race, gender, or location, elderly people are consistently the WORST kind of customer to get. The job that sapped me the most of any other was working at a diner where the entire regular customer base was 50+ in age. Most of them have no idea how anything works and are quick to take out their temper on you if they've had a bad day.

Younger people are almost always cordial, even if somethings gone wr... read more

Overqualified = they don't want to pay you what you're worth.

Have you ever just felt so tired of just everything? You have absolutely no energy to do anything, but you have to? I'm so exhausted. I just want to sleep. But unfortunately I have things to do and I just want to sleep. Gosh, I wish I was one of those people who was able to get a couple hours of sleep and feel rested. I am so, so tired.

I hate my life. I hate work. I hate everyone. I'm so done. But I gotta work to eat. So what choice do I have? I really just want to die so I don't have to deal with this anymore.

Don't you hate it when a job is vague about its requirements on the description page, so you go and apply, and when you get most of the way through, you find out that they want 5 years of paid experience, a small votive offering, a blood oath, and a declaration that you're the Chosen One?

Organization has rejected you, dude. It's not personal, it's cause you're a lazy POS who doesn't give a f about your job and has zero respect for your coworkers. Start packing your bags, you're on your way out.

How many of ya'll have female bosses? This is fascinating.

I just got turned down for a job that I really thought I had a chance with. Trying not to feel too depressed or wonder what I did wrong.

Why is landing a job so hard? :(

These supervisors and managers have more important things to worry about besides employers being on their phones.