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I accidentally hurt a kids at my place of work him mom came and flipped I got lectured by my boss. Then when I went home later that night my dumb self forgot to lock up. It took me an hour to get back there. Then I accidentally tripped the alarm. I crossed my fingers and hoped my boss didn't get notified, yeah right. She called. I forwarded. Now I'm too chicken to call her and tell what happened. Great luck today huh.

Work life sucks when you have a family. I used to work my a** off all week and blow off all weekend. Fun. Enjoying my hard earned paycheck.

I've got a husband and kids. I STILL do all the house work and errands. Wasn't a problem that my husband can't cook or clean well when I was only working part time, but working full days then coming home and having to do more work sucks! My back and feet hurt but I still had to make dinner and clean because no one else does. Wtf.

Do all companies have workplace outings?

do not want to go to the job interview today. afraid, tired. just want to stay in bed. hide under the covers where it's nice and warm and comfortable and safe. i know im not being very grown up about this. i should be excited, its taken so much work to get to this point. but i just feel worn out.

Chirp, chirp, omg I can hardly contain myself. It's going to happen tomorrow :)

dead FKN set...working with family holy sh** cousin is a self rightous sack of sh**, when he got his first girlfriend he has turned into a absolute dickhead... Jehovahs Witnesses..yeah sick...and i have to work with them all

I hate that parents are allowed on school grounds while we are having our classes. I got mad one time because my students are a**h*les that cannot answer questions phrased simply and even translated to the native tongue. I got mad and ranted on them how lazy they are and how they don't listen to me (they really don't take me seriously) and then here comes this parent! I can't help but glare at her. She has no business inside the school premises during classes.

i work with family, i can't freaking stand it....

So condescending all the time and make out like they have done me a favour and holf it over me...i was late one time in over a year and i forgot to call to tell them i'd be late (fair enough) but then i get a talking to and get told by one of my bosses (aunty) that i "didnt have the decency to ring" the decency?!?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME

They ask us to start an hour early or half an hour early for months and i am never late ... read more

"Tell us about your experience being part of a diverse team or working in a diverse environment."

I f***ing HATE this question, because it's borderline entrapment. If you gush about how much you love serving people of different races, you're written off for blatant virtue signaling. If you say you don't consider race a factor when serving a customer, they'll assume you're a closet racist for needing to specify that. There is no possible way to win with this question.

When do movie theaters usually hire people? I want to work at one and i want a new job after my seasonal summer one finishes.

I work as a retail manager and honestly I feel like we constantly reward bad behavior. People come in treating us like such jerks and are bullies but demand respect when none is given. Lastly the amount of people who try to "rip" us off is astounding. So next time you're in a retail store and you say to yourself. It's only $xx, they(store name) can afford it, because you want them to make an exception for you. Understand you are times a hundred and not unique. Everyone wants ... read more

any tips for getting through a horrible shift in a good mood? i always end up getting annoyed and angry at customers

Kind of hard to close a store when Muhammed sends his nine wives in at 10 til, only to come up with a big packed cart , and only to decide on purchasing a measly 10 items.

I just want everyone to understand one thing. When you go out to eat at a restaurant, please try to remember that your sever is a human too. I got written up today because a customer and his wife complained about their "horrible" service. Even worse, I got written up by the one manager who's approval I have been dying and working so hard to gain ever since I started working with him. He's never liked me, ever since day one, and every time I work with him I get so anxious abou... read more

I'm teaching a science class at work which runs every week. I normally can teach a max of 3 kids per hour and my rate is 12. The science class had 11 kids the first week and 14 kids this week, and it'll probably stay at that rate unless it increases. What i'm pissed about is that I'm being paid the same regardless of the extra work I'm putting in from my own time to do this. I sent an email to the manager/owner asking for 24/hr during the time I'm teaching this class. I teach... read more

The boss keeps yelling at us for not finishing a group project but my coworkers are busy gossiping while I do all the work

The job I have feels like a dead end, so I'm applying for others out of state. And I almost forgot how much I hate putting in job applications. It's just so daunting, sending out dozens of applications just to get a form letter in response. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll get an interview, but that's a long shot.

I want to quit my job because the owner is a sh** show. I love what I do, who I work with, and who I work for (clients), but the owner doesn't seem to know her head from her a** and it is now effecting my job, personally, as well as the business in general. Should I quit or should I stay for the sake of the rest of the staff?

I want to work with NASA.

Now don't break muttr again you dam kids